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Is a Arduino CAS player possible?


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Since Atari uses the same interface and really the only extra for doing disk is the /Command line, it takes away from the need to do a tape emulator.

I'm not sure if any existing standalone types do cassettes. The thing is when you have something like an SIO2SD that can do turbo disk loads at probably 100 times standard tape speeds, you ask yourself why you'd want to bother.

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Yeah, I build an SIO2Arduino myself and implemented some code to support .CAS files in c++

Then compiled and shot the new code in my little PCB. Works as a charm. :-)


The extra code must be in multiple tabs of the SDRIVE-source.

I can zip and upload my code, but the pin-layout is not the same as a stock Arduino-setup.....

Also my c++ knowledge is very limited (hey, I'm an Atari-guy), so my patching of the code may be worth a laugh or two....


I also added 2 jumpers to select 600 or 850 baud playback (for standard OS)

or 4800 baud with/without ultra short gaps for MyBIOS.


So yes, it can be done.

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