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Blood Bowl 2


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Ok so I don't like football but after 2 matches of Blood Bowl 2 I'm loving this game so far :)


My first game I won 2-0 with the opposition conceding before halftime. 2nd match was 6-0 :)


The story seems good so far and the commentary and cut scenes are funny :) nice graphics and easy controls.


Definitely glad I picked this one up :)

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After struggling with match 5 all day, i flew through match 6 with relative ease :)


Really enjoying this game :) I found this review which I think sums the game up quite nicely:





Thanks...will be getting it when it goes on sale. I have Blood Bowl LE on Steam so I'd like to play Blood Bowl 2.


Also saw this:



If you're new to the game and short on cash, go for the Legendary Edition, it has everything you need!

If you're new to the game and looking for a great solo experience, get Blood Bowl 2.

If you're an experienced coach looking for the largest range of rosters, you'll enjoy the extra content of the Chaos Edition.

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