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My Pet Project - MMDC Retro Player


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Why not 3d printing?

they charge per cubic centimeter.


If the op has access to the pcb, a readymade project case can be used and the pcb layout to match the bolt holes in the case. Cost per part would be cheaper and higher quality than 3d printing. Port holes could be milled or laser cut fairly cheap.


What about the midrange option between a 3D printer and an injection mold, a plastic CNC router?

Yes, be really easy to set it up to cut readymade enclosures to whatever dimension. Acrylic is another option for midrange projects.


You could also have laser cut acrylic cases made, then etched with your logo. You'll have to glue the cases yourself but you'll know your good when everything lines up. One benefit to acrylic is you can stock multiple colors. Customers love choice.

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Well not only that. That already small audience is going to be satisfied with the existing clones. People are completely satisfied with the much cheaper stuff on the market right now.


Producing something like the MMDC could cost $200-$250 maybe. And for that money I would demand complete compatibility with all cartridges and controllers. Driving, Keyboard, Paddles, Joystick, Keypad, SegaGenesis 6-button, BoosterGrip, AmigaMouse. I would expect accessories like Supercharger, Harmony, SaveKey, and AtariVOX to also work. As well as having all 6 switches easily accessible.

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