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7800 Beginner


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Hey all.

Long time lurker. Got back into atari after listening to Ferg's fantastic podcast which, as one might imagine, lead me to Phil's excellent 7800 one (I also love Shinto's Jag one).


Anyway, for the longest time I believed that I grew up with a 2600. Upon listening to the 7800 podcast and doing some research, I now think that I may have actually had a 7800 with a lot of 2600 games.


Sadly my dad has no idea where it went and he can't confirm which system it was.


Anyway, my question is this. I'm starting to look around to get one but I wanted to know what a good price for one is. I see a lot floating around 100-150 and I just wanted some feedback.


Also, is there a "general system question" thread? If so, and I missed it, just point the way and I'll repost that there.


Thanks in advance.

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First of all welcome to Atariage!! You have come to the right place for any questions and info about systems, accessories, and games. For a 7800 the best price for a bare system with controllers and hookups alone should go for around $50 to $60. And a little more than that if the system comes with the expansion interface port, these are the original and early manufactured systems. There is an XM peripheral being manufactured. So far it's currently a long work in progress. 7800's are going up in prices these days. There is the original 59 games of course. I highly reccommend checking out sime of the homebrews from Bob DeCrescenzo who is PacManPlus on here. He does amazing work on the arcade ports. K.C. Munchkin, Moon Cresta, Astro Blaster, Frenzy, and Pac-Man Collection to name a few. Also post in the marketplace threads or browse for a 7800 in there. More often than not you will come across a better deal than on ebay. You will enjoy the 7800 and is a must own for your gaming library. :)

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