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Mr. Do! for Intellivision

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Atarisoft did a very nice version of DIGDUG for Intellivision. Technically Digdug and Mr. Do seem like similar challenges to me...


Someone made a nice box drawing, that looks like it could actually be done on an Intellivision...





That's all I know. I like Mr. Do and I would play it...




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Mr. Do! is probably my favorite CV game. I've heard it's coming to the 5200 which will be awesome, and a well done INTV version would be pretty excellent too! Here's hoping..


And for those who say it wouldn't translate well; I say if they can do a solid Dig Dug on the INTV then you can likely do Mr. Do justice also...

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Neo Mr Do is awesome on the Dreamcast (emulating a Neo Geo of course).

Anyway, since we have seen how great something like Boulderdash can be, I don't see why this title couldn't be tackled, from a technical standpoint.


I would love to see an intellivision version of this game. I love mr. Do. Neo mr. Do for the neo geo is awesome too.

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For sure it never started.

I remember i talked with some people of old Coleco staff, they were all mockups.

Avenger and Smurfette Birthday were playble instead as prototypes but with a lot of bugs.


Great! Can't wait to see a partially-finished Smurfette's Birfday party being hocked here someday, complete with box, manual and overlays of course. Gotta go ALL out on some of this stuff you know. :ponder: :lol:

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