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Hombrew Programmers: Do You Embed Easter Eggs?


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Since you are doing the packaging, you don't have to be stealthy to give yourself credit, You could put your photo and Bio on the box if you so desired... but what fun is that?

Myself? Not as yet.

SpiceWare? Definitely. Space Rocks has Easter egg Credits for everyone that contributed coding and suggestions, an insane difficulty level Easter egg, and an alternate graphic for the saucer Easter egg.

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Medieval Mayhem and Space Rocks have fairly elaborate easter eggs.


Stay Frosty 2: Stay Frostier just has one, a way to enable the level selector we used while developing the game (we didn't want to have to play levels 1-31 to see how well a change to level 32 turned out). There wasn't any room left in the ROM (just a few bytes) for anything beyond that.


Do note the bug listing about the 6-switch issue fails to mention that AtariAge will replace the cartridge if you run into this problem. New copies of Stay Frosty 2 are made using an updated board that works just fine on 6-switch systems.

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