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XRGB-Mini and the Sega Genesis / CD / 32X Combo


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I’ve purchased several cables over the last few months from Retro Console Accessories for various systems. They’ve always been very helpful in answering my questions but they’ve sort of disappeared. I’ve been trying to get some information for about a month now so I don’t make the wrong purchase but I can’t get a reply. Hopefully someone here might be able to help.


My current setup is a Genesis model 1 with SCART cable. Recently though I acquired a Sega CD and 32X unit and my existing cable is no longer feasible. I’d read of a nice way to upgrade the cabling to work with or without the 32X.


The setup goes like this. Larger male DIN (Model 1) plugs into the Genesis and ends in a smaller female DIN (Model 2). A second male-to-male model 2 cable plugs into this and then into the 32X. Finally a model 2 DIN SCART cable goes from the 32X into the XRGB-Mini. That way if I remove the 32X I can still plug the SCART cable into the female adapter.


My question concerns the Sega CD. It looks like originally you needed to use a mixing cable to get all the sound from the CD unit but the above setup completely ignores this. Is this something to be concerned about or does this not even matter anymore? Is there a better cable option?



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This should get you where you need to be: http://www.gametrog.com/GAMETROG/HOW_to_connect_Hook_Up_SEGA_32X,_SEGA_Genesis_Model_1,_SEGA_CD_2_c.html


It's been years since I've had that monster hooked up, but IIRC the stereo mixing cable is only needed if you want Stereo out of the Genesis. The 32x manual seems to confirm this: http://www.videogameconsolelibrary.com/images/Manuals/94_Sega_32X-Manual.pdf

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Couple of things - First off, that seller (Retro Accessories or whatever) is pretty awful with customer service, often ignoring emails and sometimes taking breaks for weeks at a time.

Secondly, you definitely want stereo from your Genesis setup!


Do you think you could post pics of exactly how/what you're trying to hook up? And did you want to leave the 32X hooked up all the time?

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If you have a model 1 Genesis, just take all of the audio from the headphone jack. You'll get both Genesis chip and CD sound, with the added benefit of being able to use the volume sliding to control the balance of the two. Really helps in games like Lords of Thunder, where the sound effects are too loud. If you have a model 2 Genesis, I believe that you can just take audio straight from the AV cable or line it out of the Sega-CD.


To get RGB out of a 32X setup, just plug a model 2 Genesis scart cable into the 32X. If you have a spare model 1-to-model 2 AV cable adaptor, that will work with a model 1 scart cable.


You're best off getting csync scart cables from:




They also sell a Euro scart to XRGB-mini cable, which will save you a lot of money in the long run and make your consoles more compatible by sticking to Euro scart. They also sell a nice English remote overlay for the XRGB-mini.

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