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Bizarre ST Software Question


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Just wondering, is there any ST software out there that reliably emulates the A8 range?

something designed to run on an ST that'll run 800XL software?



i am aware of the irony





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Software emulation was something Atari Corp sorta promised and hoped someone else would deliver as a means of enticing a lot of Atari 8-bit owners to take the plunge and upgrade to the ST. I've thought about this a bit and I think the reason why a hardware-based option never materialized was due to cost…once you added the cost of all of the custom chips to add, you'd nearly be at the cost of a 65XE brand new.


That's most likely the same reason Commodore never brought out a hardware-based C64/C128 emulator for the Amiga.


And had the Tramiels stayed at Commodore and Atari Inc survived, I high doubt their successor systems would've been backwards compatible either. Even Apple only gave a half-hearted attempt to lure the Apple II fans to the Mac.

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