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Has anyone else seen this composite cable?


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Hey guys. I just ran across this cable on ebay. It says that it is a monochrome/color VGA or composite video cable with audio. It says that its for Atari 520 STM, 520 STFM and 1040 STFM only. Now normally I would see this as a red flag as if it was fake. But it seemed to stop at STE, which has the composite working. And it says it does color in VGA. Does this smell fishy to you guys? Take a look here.



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The seller lists the 'M' models because they have TV modulators and so output the composite signal on the monitor port, other STs such as the Mega STs and 520STF don't output composite. Should work with an STE too if it has a modulator, which most do except for a few places such as France.


All STs have mono audio on the monitor port, with an STE you'd could just use the stereo RCA sockets.


The seller does say mono only (S)VGA, but colour VGA output definitely possible with the right cable, if you can find a monitor or converter that can handle it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/230561-lcd-monitor-that-supports-st-low-res-nec-multisync-lcd-1970vx/?p=3089033


At the end of that thread I discuss the idea of building some ST -> colour VGA cables, as I have a ton of VGA cables lying around and a few ST monitor connectors.

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