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New to the ST

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Hi guys,


I'm new to the ST. I have my computer hooked up and everything looks great. Can someone recommend an SD drive or something like that so I don't have to use the old floppy drive to play games? I know there are several options, so I really just want something easy and user-friendly.



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I think the simplest option if you have enough RAM is the Ultrasatan. I recommend using it with P. Putnik's excellent driver which costs 10 Euros. I made a video showing how I use it. You need to use hard disk adapted games (which often require lots of RAM), e.g. from the 8bitchip game archive here. or D-Bug Patches. Running games is as simple as browsing the hard disk's file system and double clicking on the game.


If you want to use emulated floppy disks (which might be better if you have 1MB or less RAM), you can use the HxC floppy emulator and load disk images of deprotected games such as compact menus by Automation etc. To run games you just select a disk image from a menu screen that boots as one of the disks or use the buttons and LCD display.


Another option is the CosmosEx, which offers more features but is more complex.

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Thanks man! Now, I'll investigate upgrading my ram.


It should be easy if you have an STE. If not, you could get some RAM chips and do a heck of a lot of soldering, or take a look at the kits being made by Exxos and do some soldering, or hunt down the right version and take your chances with the old solderless Marpet/Frontier kits.

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