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Looking to upgrade from sio2pc


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I came into possession of an sio2pc last year, and I really love the device, however I am looking to go with either a USB or SD device. I want to keep cost a little lower, and will pretty much just be using it to play games. What would be the best bang for my buck, as it were?

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SIO2PC USB type IMHO. Easily less then $20 if you build it yourself. Make sure you get one that isn't a clone/gets bricked by official software. I've run into clones of both FTDI and CH340<?> that will brick.


With some of the updates to system software, the older style cables still make situational sense depending on what you have lying around. i.e. old Android cellphone or tablet with OTG, netbook, ???.


Amazon is still selling their Kindle for $50. I bought six of them last Xmas for presents to my grandkids. Been too busy to see how Atari compatible they may be but they do support external keyboard/USB OTG cable. IIRC: Built in Bluetooth so they may work with SIO2BT. Arduino can be a cheap interface, lots of choices really.

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