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Out of the Pack - DDT for MAC/65 Reference Sheet


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You would think that at some point, while writing programs for the Diamond GOS using the MAC/65 V1.01 assembler cartridge, I would have learned how to use DDT(Dunion's Debugging Tool). I was much to busy trouble shooting the programs to read the manual.

It wasn't until reading Atari Roots by Mark Andrews that learning DDT seemed advantageous.

Now that the manual has been read, DDT will be used. But the question remains, How many commands will be remembered when next it is used? (As often as the manual was referenced to create my DDT command reference sheet, I'm thinking, maybe the arrow keys.)

It should be about 6 months from now, when I find out if there is enough information to jog my memory. Its comforting to know the manual is still on the shelf.

PDF File:

DDT for MAC/65

B <num>,<addr> - Set/Clear(,) Breakpoint
D <hexstring> - Deposit up to 6 hex bytes at pointer position
E <addr> - move pointer position to address
G <addr> - Go sets program counter and starts execution
I - starts running program in an automatic single step mode.
M <source addr><target addr><length> - Move (no delimiters)
N - Next, Executes one instruction at PC
Q - Quit DDT
R <register>,<val> - Replaces value of P,A,X,Y,S with value
S <hexstring> - search for up to 6 hex bytes from current position
W - toggles Window between disassembled code or ATASCII
* <addr> - Set program counter and current position pointer
Arrow Down/Up - moves current position pointer

START - continues code execution at PC register
SELECT - toggles between DDT display and programed display
OPTION - single step program at PC register

Running Program at PC
Single Step - OPTION button
Step Slow - Hold OPTION button
Step Medium - "I" press break to stop
Step Fast - SELECT for display screen then "I"
Real Time - use "G" command, CTRL-ESC to return to DDT

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