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What game that everyone else loves, but you just don't like?


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The Colecovision thankfully has given us some pretty darn good official releases throughout it's years. Just a few that come to mind - Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Lady Bug, Pepper II, Mr. Do!, Popeye, Q-Bert, Smurf, Venture, Mouse Trap, Frenzy, and many others etc....


But even though some of these games are considered the "best of..." the system, there has to be one or two of them that you could just never get into. Not looking for the "worst games" of the system, but which of the considered best games did you just not like?


For me, mine has to be Spy Hunter. And playing it in the high score club recently reminded me that it was just never "my game." Lots of people LOVED it, but no matter how I try, I really sucked at the game and could never do well at it. So it was a game that I always avoided and frankly never quite liked.


What are your games that everyone else loves, but you really just don't like?

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I totally agree with Spy Hunter, and I believe the problem is with the original arcade. Very imaginative but also unfocused.

Maybe I would add Mouse Trap, never got that game. I mean, actually the arcade is kind of fun, the CV version just doesn't work for me.

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I think you have to play Spy Hunter with a certain understanding that original or port, it's an incredibly difficult game with twitchy controls. With that in mind, I still really enjoy playing it, but don't play it as much as I would otherwise. Perhaps my reflexes have also dulled a bit.


I'm having a hard time thinking of games that everyone likes on the ColecoVision but I don't like all that much. The only one that immediately comes to mind is Miner 2049'er, but that's also true of any version of the game. I thought it was overhyped then and it has never grown on me over the years either. One game I can think of back in the day for the ColecoVision that I was lukewarm on was Venture, but that has since grown on me considerably, so I can no longer say that.

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Hey Bill, which would you say is the more difficult game, Spy Hunter or Burgertime?


Easily Spy Hunter. I don't personally find Burgetime all that difficult, other than the "stickiness" at times of getting up and down ladders. That's the same type of "physics" found in games like Donkey Kong, though.


As for Miner 2049'er, I find games with that type of fiddly jumping/platforming mechanic on the frustrating side. I never much liked the look of the gamer either. It's definitely a classic, but just not for me.

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Spy hunter is awesome. I understand it's hard but it's actually better than the arcade version. We used to have 4-5 of us have high score tournaments with it. There is new scenery when you go far enough/ winter roads and water/boats. And of course the best part of all randomly running innocent cars & cyclists off the road.


For me it would be Mr. Do! It never appealled to me at all. But I loved looping so my taste may be a little off.


Star Wars, Star Trek, Omega Race & Space Fury too but these were vector games and they were just to clunky on colecovision.

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I think a lot of the Coleco's entry-level must-play games are overrated. Namely Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Mouse Trap, Cosmic Avenger, and Smurf. I can see how they would have been mind-blowing in 1983, but I've played too many other (and better) versions of Donkey Kong and Zaxxon before coming to the Coleco versions. Mouse Trap just isn't my kind of game anyway, Cosmic Avenger tries and fails to be Super Cobra, and Smurf is just a stupid game to me.

On the other hand, I think Venture, Pepper II, Burgertime, and Frenzy are great.

IMO the best Colecovision titles are a little off the beaten path, such as Bump 'N' Jump, Choplifter, Pitstop, River Raid, Miner 2049er, Montezuma's Revenge, Gateway To Apshai. And if you've got a Dina system, Meteoric Shower.

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