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atari2600land's Blog - Dreamcast goal met.


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Well, I was looking on eBay, not expecting to find anything I would want to play that was Dreamcast-related. when lo and behold, in page 3 of my search results popped up Mr. Driller. This game is apparently really hard to get for some weird reason on eBay, so I bought it. I am having issues with PayPal though. When I go to add more money, there's the amount to type in and a button to press that says "add funds." So I typed in an amount and clicked Add funds. Normally, a new screen would pop up telling me the funds were going to be added, but nothing. I kept trying. Nothing kept happening. What I hope happened is it didn't go through and I didn't actually request the money a lot of times because I kept trying to. Stupid PayPal, why can't they make a website that actually works 100% of the time? And not only that, the idiot company that we hired to fix the dryer aren't here yet. A half-hour late and counting. Unless they meant 8pm. I did think 8am was kind of early. Well, anyway, I'll be thrilled if Mr. Driller shows up and it's the American version like the picture said. I have decided to sell off about half my PS1 collection due to me never playing it. I think I might sell my 3DS and games to the video game store since I never play it any more.

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