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F18A with KVM ?


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Some KVM are so badly made that they only work with software included.


Example I have a Mac Pro so there no OS X or Linux software for the KVM to switch monitors unless both run Windows XP.


Windows 8.1 would not load or use the driver for some reason and Windows 10 (I personally think blows chunks) will not load the driver at all.


The comical thing also about the KVM switch is it has a button but hardly ever does anything but switch to another monitor then back again each time pressed.

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well i just noticed that I can hit my little IO Gear button and it will switch between the inputs just fine now. I have the TI hooked up to the other VGA input on the monitor, USB keyboard and audio hooked up to the IO gear. so now.. when I press the button IO gear goes to the right input on the KVM for the TI and the monitor automatically switches.


I am guessing the IOGear is not seeing a signal but the monitor does so it just works. Go figure.


But it will not work the other way for the monitor if the TI is turned on. Oh well. it's good enough...

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Mizapf nailed it -- DVI has separate pins on it for analog video and digital video -- and the analog video is literally just a passthrough of the VGA. The 'converter' is just a pin adapter. Since the DVI switch doesn't recognize the analog side, it doesn't switch. :/ If you want to switch DVI, make sure the switch recognizes the analog side. :)

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