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I took the dog out at 11:30am. There was a ton of goose poop everywhere. There were geese yesterday, so that explains it. But do they have to leave a mess behind? I mean, eat grass then leave and poop somewhere else. Anyway, I thought to myself "Hey, this would make a great game." So I went to work on a new game called "Bird Poop." I designed Gloria, then had a little trouble figuring out how I should do the graphics. I settled on a type which looks really good. I had some trouble since the green background was green and it made a staticy noise. But I tried plugging in the 2600 to the TV without a VCR and the static went away. It's odd that it happened. So I went and did some more. I added the bird poop testing and the girl moving up and down. Goose poop is green. The bird poop has to be white in the game since the clouds are white and I'm using the ball, which is the same color as the clouds, so it's white poop. I added a little starting tune. I got really far on this game in just a matter of hours, which is usually how I start games. I have 281 bytes left if I want to remain at 2k, which I do. I don't know why I'm so infatuated with 2k games. I mean, all the Odyssey 2 games I make are 2k, but there's no BASIC compiler for it. Apparently bB takes up a fair amount of space, then you have about 800 bytes once the bB stuff is added and you want to be 2k. I guess it's the challenge of it, which is odd because I usually hate challenges. I love it when things are easy. I like it when you can actually beat a game without trying for a bazillion years and then giving up because it's too hard. And now there's this place on my back that hurts all the time. It usually happens when I sit for too long hunched over, but now it's all the time.

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