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Retro Gaming Survey

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I've always be interested in collecting some data on the retro gaming community/market in North America, but I have never found anything that insightful, so I've created my own as a small pet project. Now, this is by no means scientific, but it is fairly comprehensive and will hopefully capture the pulse of the community. It does require a google account to respond, but email addresses/user names WILL NOT BE COLLECTED with the responses. I believe that the folks here on AtariAge are the kind of collectors whose opinions would be invaluable to this kind of survey.



The survey can be found here: http://goo.gl/forms/APOBpNcr6j


Answer or ignore as you see fit.

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It's quite complete and offer much choices, congrats.

I didn't compelted it, I'm not concerned. But great job!


I hope you'll submit it in many places, else there is goign to be a bias to AtariAge on the question that ask to name a gaming info source for retrogaming :D

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I completed the survey. Some of the questions towards the end I found to be very good questions, and I look forward to the results. For the first time I don't own a modern console (just a PC) and I'm very content. I guess I've finally reached that hump where newer games, for the most part, just don't have any appeal to me.


I also appreciate the last two questions. I personally think the worst thing about the retro gaming community is the very thing we're on right now. The internet. It's like 30-40 years of marketing brainwashing still has a hold on 30-40 year olds, and they use the anonymity of the internet to act like jerks to other people who like a certain system or game, instead of trying out the system or game for themselves and delving into "competitor" systems that their childhood selves wouldn't have dared to touch.

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I will be interested to see if there are any regional trends among game collectors -- e.g. are certain areas of the country better represented than others? Also, are there any regional trends with the availability of game stores?


One tiny flaw with the survey: I do not actively value my game collection, but the question about what source I use was mandatory. I picked eBay because I had to chose something.

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