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1050+Mega Speedy Stopped working


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I installed a Mega Speedy in a 1050 some months ago. It worked flawlessly. The other night, I fired up that 1050 and I cannot get it to read/format disks. If I keep trying, it will format a single denisty disk and get a directory, but that's it.


It happens on any rom-mode I put it on. Any suggestions as to the fix? I could pull the mega speedy and put it in another 1050, but I woul drather just make sure this drive works. Thanks



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Yeah - make sure there is a good fit in the socket. When I got my speedy installed, I unfortunately had to put it in a second drive. The first drive I tried, it just would not work. I reverted it back to stock and everything was fine, and I haven't had any issues with the mega speedy in the second drive. I don't have the tools needed to find out what thee issue was.

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Yes, checking if the PCB is seated properly would be my first step as well.


When you've disassembled the drive also check if the head is clean (if not use isopropyl alcohol to clean it).


I'd also check if the RPM is correct - it should be 288RPM.


The easiest way to do this is by using the 1050 Turbo utilities which are built into the drive. The only other thing you need is a single-density formatted disk:


Put the Mega Speedy into 1050 Turbo mode. Then boot with the drive door open, a short menu should appear. Press Option to run the utilities. Now insert the SD formatted disk, press Option until "Maintenance Box" is displayed and then press Start. The RPM is displayed, if it's not at 288 adjust the RPM pot in the 1050. With Select you can switch to the lower speed (and back to standard speed), the lower speed should be slightly below 270 RPM.


so long,



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