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And The Winner Is...

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After many sleepless nights, the judges have finally finished the arduous and painful process of playing and evaluating all games submitted to the contest. Notwithstanding, a clear winner has emerged.


First, a note from Óscar Toledo (nanochess) on behalf of all the Judges:


I'm pretty surprised by the enthusiastic response to the IntyBASIC 2015 Programming Contest, the high-quality of the entries, and the originality flowing from around the world. Going from entries in the sea hunting whales, to entries about space wars. Nice graphics and effects everywhere. Full blown music for goat games. The imagination explodes here, we even got goats eating shirts! Not even in my wildest dreams did I consider IntyBASIC would come so far!

I can only give thanks to everyone involved: to GroovyBee for pursuing the contest idea (OK, I'm hard to convince), to Albert for providing us a subforum for the contest and also helping with judging, to DZ-Jay for being the validator, and to retroillucid and nonner242 for being judges.

Also, very warm thanks go of course to our main sponsors: Revolutionika and cmart604, the Intellivision ultimate bosses.

The people who made this contest a true success are of course the participants (in alphabetical order): atari2600land, carlsson, catsfolly, CrazyBoss, Emerson, freewheel, fsuinnc, mmarrero, PuzZLeR, Shalmezad, and tuatara21. Most of them had already contributed ideas for the development of IntyBASIC, and I'll continue to improve IntyBASIC for as long as I can.

It may be too soon to say, but already people seem enthusiastic about an annual contest... Let us see what happens next!


There Can Be Only One (or four)!

The Intellivision is a hard beast to master, but luckily IntyBASIC serves as a fantastic weapon with which to tame it. The talent embodied in all entries should be celebrated, for all of them appear to be worthy. Nonetheless, the cream of the crop shall rise to the top.


The winners of the 2015 inaugural IntyBASIC Programming Contest are:

  • Whale Hunt (383) - By Emerson
  • Space Versus (358) - By mmarrero
  • Mermaid (344) - By tuatara21
  • Goatnom (342) - By freewheel
Congratulations to Emerson for a fantastic concept and exceptional execution in your program!!! Your game shall be legend. A great appreciation goes to all the programmers who participated. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and the community is ever richer for your involvement.


The runners up of the contest are:

5. Classic Battle Ship (304) - By CrazyBoss

6. Stunt Cycles (297) - By fsuinnc

7. Alligator Swamp (285) - By carlsson

8. Zyx (257) - By atari2600land

9. Slalom! (249) - By Carlsson

10. CB-TICTACTOE (246) - By CrazyBoss

11. Tramps (241) - By catsfolly

12. Bowl Bust (208) - By PuzZLeR

13. IntelliBullet (203) - By Shalmezad





Contest Entries

Below is a description of all games and their scores. The full score breakdown is at the bottom. Note that most of these games are truly work in progress and that we expect (and hope) the programmers to continue polishing them for eventual release.



Whale Hunt

Programmed By: Emerson

Overall Score: 383

First Prize

You play as Wyatt Killgallin, 3rd generation whale hunter. The objective is to help develop the new world by supplying the growing towns with whale oil for their steam engine machinery.







  • This game being the biggest one presented to the IntyBASIC contest 2015 is overly impressive, you are a whale hunter, if you read Moby Dick and enjoyed it then you're for this game.
  • Read carefully the manual, you move over a beautifully designed map, approach whales and throw your harpoon using exclusively the keypad.
  • I couldn't think this could be possible, a RPG based on whales and enjoyable to play. Be ready for a very long play.
  • Music and sound effects still can be improved.
  • Some minor graphics enhancement in the map, like round storms.


  • Love it! I'm very impressed with this game.
  • I never thought that I would play a whale hunting game...on a intellivision and say " Wow that's pretty Impressive and Fun "
  • I know...maybe that's what happens when you get old? I need my Moby dick.
  • I really like this gem.
  • I also like that it used all the buttons for controller.
  • A few tweaks of grfx and sound maybe an island or gust of wind in map screen, and you will have one of the best in tv games around.


  • This entry just blew me away!
  • Very well done! Impressed here!


  • This is an ambitious, original, and impressive game for the Intellivision, and nice to see a game of this complexity. You definitely need to read the instructions to understand how to use the controls, how to navigate, and what your goals are.
  • Could use some additional audio. Was a little confused as to if I was making any progress while paddling or sailing, so some additional feedback there would be nice.


  • Big and bold title page with music.
  • Got stuck in a storm and paddling didn't seem to be as responsive.
  • Liked the lightening graphics and sound effects in the storm.
  • It was nice to toggle into map mode and see my boat moving towards the whale when paddling forward.
  • Managed to kill some whales after reading the manual.
  • Read the manual before you play! Its confusing otherwise.
  • Nice twist to see the whale in the boat when you lose.
  • A well presented, original concept game that has lots of potential. Takes a while to master and is much more fun if you read the manual. The graphics are big and funky and play to the Inty strengths well. With bug fixes and more polish this would be a good addition to the Inty library.
  • Title page music could be longer, it feels a bit repetitive at the moment.
  • Add an attract sequence with credits/thanks screens.
  • Animate the screen with the number of whales to collect. e.g. whale moving, water rippling, blow hole water etc.
  • Add a "Hit key XX to start" message on the whales collection screen. Its not obvious what key without reading the manual.
  • On the map screen it would be good to show the boat in the direction its currently facing, you would instantly know if you have to turn or can paddle/sail towards the goal. This would be a good visual clue to match up with the compass direction mechanism.
  • On the map screen adding some icons next to the digits would help the player understand what they are better.
  • How about animating the whales a bit more on the map screen?
  • Perhaps use a GRAM card instead of the "@" symbol for typhoons.
  • Typhoon movement seems to be a bit too random in movement - It'd be a good strategy to sail around them.
  • Needs more sound effects to keep you interested when paddling, perhaps seagull sounds or a sloshing noise as the paddle goes in the water.
  • Think about adding other eye candy in the water like dolphins jumping randomly. Things you can't kill but pass the time as you hunt for whales. Clouds in the sky would be good too. Perhaps a bi-plane (depends on the era of the game).
  • Add more frames of animation to the player as he uses the oar or sails.
  • How about making the whole whale jump out of the water? It looked a bit odd to see a half whale jump out.
  • Found a bug - Whale count screen tells me I need 2 even though I've already killed one.
  • Got to 2nd level and had to kill the sea monster before a whale would appear. After killing 2 whales there was 00 in the counter but a whale was still on the map.
  • While firing the harpoon and the whale disappears it'd be nice to quickly flip to the map to see where it went. At the moment you have to wait for the harpoon to splash before you can do that.
  • Player avatar movement could be a little quicker on the map. Its better when you hold the paddle forward key down but its not good for a quick a game.
  • With the depth of game play on offer this game will need some good QA testing.



Space Versus

Programmed By: mmarrero

Overall Score: 358

Second Prize

Space Versus is about two spaceships shooting each other.

It was nostalgic programming this game, I made a similar game about 26 years ago,

and earlier than that, when I learned to program in Atari 8-bit Basic.






  • Pretty arcade-look alike, your spaceship doesn't last too long. Nice graphic and sound effects. No music though.
  • More variation on enemies. Maybe tiny spaceships floating in the middle or double-enemies (attacking both player and enemy).
  • Maybe asteroids falling.


  • Now this is a Arcade game.
  • Took me right back to the 80s.
  • I could picture this game sitting on a store shelf.
  • I dig it! some fast paced music for title or in game will sure get you pulse pounding in game.
  • This game screams robot Ron styled soundfx
  • The lack of color in game play field is a easy fix and would make the game pop a lot more.
  • I would like to see more enemies with different weapons (wavey bullets) or movement patterns. Power ups.
  • Some other mid level baddies or moving walls on different levels.
  • It would be a great 2 player party game.
  • You could make it a great grudge match game by adding taunts to # pad that appear on side of screen towards other player.


  • Like the title screen that alternates between the game name with music and a demo. Also liked seeing "Insert coin to play", which shows the author intended this to be an arcade-style game. I like the countdown when starting, the background audio, and the various short musical bits. Nice and polished, I could have seen this being sold by Mattel or a third-party back in the day. I like the effect when you hit the ship in the middle and it deflects your shot, nice details like that. The computer opponent is a bit ruthless. I was not able to play against another human, but I imagine that would be more fun.
  • Some gameplay options would be nice, such as disabling the ship in the middle that fires at both players (which would turn the game into a raw versus battle without other distractions). Add a difficulty for the computer player. Would be cool to see power-ups or other items come out that you could shoot at.


  • Nice animated title page and an attract mode with instructions.
  • Nice sprites, explosions and sound effects.
  • Love the screen vibrating its a nice touch.
  • Balance seems to be about right.
  • Some of the latter CPU enemies are tricky critters - I like that
  • Has a Mintereque feel to it.
  • Good presentation and well polished.
  • Title sequence tune could be longer.
  • I liked the count down, it adds suspense, but the duration between each digit seemed a bit short - perhaps add a beep/alert sound too.
  • Consider adding an auto-fire its a wrist killer on real controllers.
  • Perhaps add a stats screen that shows how far you got in the attract sequence. Its always good to have a measure to beat.
  • Maybe add mock history/stats screens of the CPU critters to the attract sequence - listing capabilities, fire power etc. - the old saying is "know your enemy" and I'd like to know more about the critter's backside I'm expected to kick.
  • Perhaps add different style of enemy weapons.




Programmed By: tuatara21

Overall Score: 344

Third Prize

Guide your mermaid through the ocean.

Collect treasure and locate the queen's crown and the key to the castle.

Once you have the key and the crown, locate and enter the castle.

Search for the queen and return her crown before time expires!






  • I'm surprised because this is a really big game and indeed like 2 games in one.
  • First you locate pieces to enter in the castle, and then the castle is a labyrinth chooses from several layouts where the queen can be in any place! (very hard to find her!)
  • Almost an RPG!
  • Nice detail the Intellivoice extras at title screen.
  • I see easily that the mermaid and enemies could be animated and moved more smoothly.
  • The default mermaid velocity could be slightly speed up.
  • The bottom sea screens can have more detailed graphics, maybe "trees" in different green tones to show "deepness".
  • The graphics in castle can be also more detailed, maybe another blue tone graphics to show pseudo-3D backgrounds variations or in corners.
  • There is a bug in castle labyrinth shown as blue holes in walls.
  • The music and sound effects still can be improved.
  • Maybe a radar to have a tip of how so near is the queen, or a "ting" sound when you're in a room surrounding her?


  • This is the closet thing to zelda that I have played on a intv.
  • It's a nice little game here although the music did get a little repetitive during a long play. But nothing that made me go insaine while playing. Secretly I might really like it..it's in my head..forever.
  • I really only have 2 big suggestion that would make a huge difference in game.
  • Change the character color to red or anything to bring her out of the background and not match seaweed. Giver her some pop. Or maybe use a sprite for her hair and give her a red head.
  • And speed up our princess a little. Or give her a boost button.
  • These are just minor thoughts below. But still can make the game feel more polished.
  • And a radar would be a nice addition.
  • Also if you were to add some life to ocean with animated seaweed..bubbles...crabs. a sunken ship in background or rocks would really make this game shine.


  • Love the idea of an exploration-style game with two distinct game areas. Looks good, and I feel this could be fleshed out into a fun game with further development!
  • Mermaid looks pretty interesting at first glance, but the gameplay is a bit lacking. The ocean screens are mostly the same (except for the castle entrance), and the castle screens are all pretty much the same room with different exits. Searching the 10 x 10 castle is a bit tedious, and it's a bit aggravating to get transported to another location in the castle after you get hit. I would add different types of rooms, things to do in the rooms (for instance, being able to attack enemies could be fun). Sound is a bit repetitive.
  • Would love to see this developed further, looks like it has great potential to be a pretty interesting and potentially complex Intellivision game.


  • Title page music fits the game but a bit too short and repetitive.
  • Nice to see animated characters on the title page.
  • Left at title page for a while and it crashed (on real machine and emulator).
  • In game music a little too short, making it seem repetitive.
  • Animation of characters in game nice but enemies seem a bit too quick compared to the player, making you use the bubble more.
  • Like the mish-mash of under sea item collection and a maze game.
  • Item collection sound effects sound a bit too random and not "magical" sounding.
  • Pressing '0' during the game brought up some kind of debug screen.
  • Lots of potential here!
  • Balance out enemy speed and bubble use (or make the player a bit faster)
  • Enemy movement would benefit from sub pixel movement.
  • Mermaid collision with castle walls/exits needs work.
  • Baddies don't bounce off the walls inside the castle, perhaps they should - makes horizontal door ways a safe haven for mermaids.
  • It'd be nice if the mermaid would occasionally travel behind the seaweed for some variety (adjust sprite priority).
  • Sea bed could do with spicing up a bit - add some more variety.
  • Castle walls could do with spicing up a bit too - add more variety.
  • More animated objects on the sea bed.
  • Add a bubble count down noise before its going to expire.
  • For short in game tunes, add an options screen to allow the player to enable/disable it.
  • Perhaps some sound effect tweaks.
  • A randomly generated maze would add playability.
  • Perhaps coupling the number of lives to the difficulty might be better than having the player select.




Programmed By: freewheel

Overall Score: 342

Fourth Prize

You're a goat! The evil farmer stole your girlfriend and you must survive his unrelenting attacks while you make your way to save your girl.







  • I'm impressed by the quality put into this game. The high-quality screens, animation and music.
  • It keeps you playing again to advance levels.
  • Nice detail the Intellivoice support.
  • The eating sound effect sounds too basic in comparison with the full game.


  • Love the cut scenes. I love the title too.
  • Very nice mountains. Great game across the board.
  • Alot of love was put into it and it shows.
  • Has everything that could make this an actual release, you could have seen on store shelves.
  • Maybe only thing I would add is a sound effect for the crap being thrown at you. A low "thuuush" or something like a flap of a joust bird.


  • Great music, nice title screen, great looking game over screen with animation, nice use of the Intellivoice (love the goat!), the beginning and ending cut scenes are wonderful. Gameplay is fun, although it's very similar to Fast Food on the Atari 2600. Having different seasons works great, as it shows the progression of time, allows for a different background, as well as new items to be thrown at the poor goat. Very polished, I am impressed. A lot of care went into this game!
  • Game is pretty short, with only four levels. It's not easy, mind you, so it's a bit challenging to actually finish. The game could be expanded by starting with.. "Year 1", going through four seasons, then "Year 2", etc (poor goats!) Then you could add additional gameplay elements or otherwise ramp up the difficulty for subsequent years. Sometimes it seems you get killed unfairly when kicking a black item.


  • Nice title page - mountains well done, game name looks a bit too sci-fi for the genre.
  • Nice cut scene intro.
  • Nice game over screen.
  • Cannot catch objects if they get behind you.
  • Feels like a reverse Worm Whomper.
  • Good overall level of polish.
  • Add an attract mode e.g. tile -> credits ->game play
  • Add an "object launched" sound effect.
  • Make goat slightly faster than the objects and not the same speed.
  • Add animations to items e.g. rotating or spinning objects.
  • Add a cut scene between season changes.
  • Definitely benefit from sub pixel positioning.
  • Change the font on the title page to match the "GAME OVER" screen one.
  • GAME OVER screen should display your last score and go back to the title page if no button is held down after 10-20 seconds or so.
  • Goats kick against the "coal" sometimes failed and it seemed like an unfair "death". Perhaps leaving the "coal" in place a bit longer before it zips off the screen might alleviate that feeling.
  • Add a 2 player mode.
  • Removing the colon after NOM (seen during game) would make it look less like a PO'd smiley.



Classic Battle Ship

Programmed By: CrazyBoss

Overall Score: 304

Just a simple Classic Battle Ship game. :)

Place your ships in strategic positions, then take turns against the computer to attempt to destroy each other's battleships.





  • Pretty nice port of the board game, surprised by its playability and good design.
  • Nice for playing at a quiet evening.
  • I liked the smiling face touch.
  • Maybe animation for sea. Better title screen. Some music.


  • This is another fun little game.
  • Pretty solid game.
  • Wish you had a 2 player option. Just swap screens after hit or miss.
  • Title screen grfx and music would be a nice touch.
  • Maybe add water animation or animated fire on burning ships.
  • The blank area in the bottom right would be perfect for window for animations. Like hits on a ship or sinking ships. A splash for a miss. Winning would have cheering sailors or a white flag waving.


  • Fun take on a classic game I (and many others!) enjoyed playing as a kid, and perhaps even later. Some minor differences, though, such as showing you what enemy ship you are hitting and even the part of the ship you are hitting. Also interesting that you get to continue taking turns as long as yo are hitting the enemy ships. Graphics and audio are nice, and was easy to pick up and play.
  • The game plays well, which is the most important thing. Some additional gameplay variations could be added, and some animation and additional audio could be fun also. I'd like a way to toggle back and forth between the two screens.


  • Colourful but wordy title page.
  • Pieces seem to move a bit too quickly when being placed.
  • Plays a good game of battleships.
  • Good use of colour.
  • With a bit more polish this would be an excellent version of a classic board game brought to the Inty.
  • Title page might be better spread out into title and credits pages.
  • Add some animated ships being sunk or firing guns to the title page.
  • Title screen could do with some music.
  • Controller button choices seem odd, it would be better with "place" on top buttons and rotate on the lower ones.
  • Slow down the ship placement movement. Perhaps add a few waits and then decrease the waits the longer the disc is held down.
  • Add different graphics for each ship.
  • Perhaps allow different styles for sea battles over history e.g. pirate ships, steamers etc.
  • Enhance the bomb hit/miss sequence with speech announcing the target, a "peeeew" sound and then the explosion/splash.
  • Animate the sea.
  • Allow colours to be changed, the current scheme doesn't work well on PAL.
  • Add an intermission when CPU or yours ship is sunk.



Stunt Cycle

Programmed By: fsuinnc

Overall Score: 297

You're a motorcycle stunt driver with nerves of steel. Do you have what it takes to jump your stunt cycle over the cars? How far can you jump?





  • Motorcycle stunt game. Impressive title screen. Nice little animations when motorcycle jumps.
  • A bigger motorcycle, it feels pretty small. Maybe some tunes before starting run and after finishing it.


  • I had a bit of a ocd gotta get timing right thing going on with this one. Kinda hooked me for a bit. But then I got a little pissued that I feel like I really had no control of throttle. If animations ran a bit smoother while riding up to jump and smoothed out throttle control more. It could be a very cool game.
  • Add some different background for like clouds...birds..buildings trees per level.
  • Also maybe add a couple game over fail landing animations like one where you shoot off bike after crash. Or wheel goes rolling off.
  • Sound wise it needs title music with a uppity beat. Something to get ya pumped and fun.
  • Love to see a updated version with some extras.


  • A take on the classic Atari coin-op. Graphic title screen is nice, game seems to play true to the arcade version (although it's been a long time since I've played it!), sans the handle bars.
  • Perhaps could use a bit more tuning for the throttle, as it was difficult for me to consistently hit the end ramp. Therefore, I saw the nice fail animation quite often. Movement of the cycle is not smooth, especially when moving fast.


  • Nice title page.
  • Harder control on a real console than an emulator.
  • Getting a good landing seems to be hit and miss at the moment but perhaps you get better as you become more tuned to the game.
  • A good start but needs control scheme addressing and loads of polish.
  • Nice speed indicator.
  • Perhaps an investigation into different control methods is required. Its quite difficult to land the bike on the end ramp with the current scheme.
  • Would benefit greatly with sub pixel movement it a bit too jerky at the moment.
  • Needs avatar sprite masking on tube entry/exit.
  • Title page needs spicing up a bit.
  • Perhaps add an attract mode.
  • Static title page to scrolling title page is a bit glitchy.
  • I'd like to see some title page music added.
  • Needs some "wait for key up" adding - its too easy to get right into the game by holding a key down.
  • How about blinking the player selection for a second or so before it gets into the game proper?
  • Seems to always be in 2 player mode even if I press "1" to start.
  • How about adding different crash endings?
  • A nice GAME OVER screen would be good.
  • How about adding different engine noises as you go through the gears?
  • Perhaps crowd applause/cheer effect for a good jump.
  • Add intellivoice commentary ew.g. "Ring for an ambulance", "He's off!" and so on.
  • Perhaps add the ability for the user to select the background colours and the player avatar colours. Not everybody will like your colour schemes.



Alligator Swamp

Programmed By: carlsson

Overall Score: 285

You are a monkey grabbing coconuts from a tree, bouncing up and down. You need to avoid falling into the water, where a hungry alligator resides.

Fortunately there is a row of turtles resting on the water which you can bounce against in order to get back into the tree.





  • Very original. Liked the graphics a lot. Impressed by the vertical scrolling.
  • Sometimes the monkey feels like stops its movement for a frame.
  • The game would be a lot better with extra sound effects, music, and maybe animated intros.


  • Love this game. Dunno why but I do. I like killing monkeys?
  • Nice title screen...would be amazing with a tune.
  • Same goes for completing a level. A little jingle would be nice.
  • I think monkey should have a starting point on beginning of level of after death. I have died many times just Cuz his spawn drops me into water.
  • Maybe he can start off on rope or on top or side of screen. Top of tree?
  • Animated intro would be perfect for game.
  • Or even a little between level grfx of Alligator and or monkey.
  • Alligator needs a chomp chomp sound!
  • Screaming monkey would be brutal tho...lol
  • Still fun game. Cannot get enough aligator.


  • I think this is an interesting concept, and I like arcade-style games of this nature that force you to make quick decisions. Was nice to see a graphical title screen.
  • Needs more gameplay elements and polish. Could be improved with different trees, different items to bounce on, different types of items to collect in the trees, power ups, and so forth. Definitely could use more audio. Needs at least a brief pause and perhaps some sort of visual/audio indicator between levels. Some animation for the alligator (like him chomping you) would be nice.


  • Nice Swedish themed title page (Swedish flag shape and colours).
  • Physics feel good - very important in this game!
  • Like the rotating avatar.
  • Potential to be a good "pick up and play" arcade game.
  • Would make a good children's game.
  • Add an attract mode with credits.
  • Add a tune to the title page.
  • Add animations to the title page.
  • With careful placement of the Alligator head on the title page its mouth could be made black too.
  • Player could use more colour.
  • More sound effects needed for the bounces.
  • Perhaps add bonus items for more points (make these timer based so its a risk/reward deal).
  • Add congratulations tune for completing a level.
  • Add player died tune.
  • Add GAME OVER screen before returning to the title page.
  • Needs an intermission between levels.
  • Turtles should not start out submerged.
  • It'd be nice to see the turtle sink beneath the surface and not just go "pop" and disappear.
  • Pre-shifted GRAM tiles programmed on the fly could be used to make the alligator's movement more fluid.
  • Add 2 player mode.




Programmed By: atari2600land

Overall Score: 275

Guide the little red Zyx to catch falling bananas, while avoiding the little green Vuts that are trying to kill you.





  • A good start. Although a bit too easy.
  • I would appreciate if bananas and enemies could appear at same time.
  • Also more bananas at same time. Maybe snakes falling from sky?
  • Variation on theme or starting difficulty levels would increase the appeal.
  • At least 3 lives.


  • Nice title and music screen.
  • Maybe add a few different baddies with different speeds or abilities like jumping or pausing.
  • Baddies and fruit should be on screen at same time.
  • Add a few variants in background would be great.
  • These little changes would make it more challenging and bring you back to it.


  • I like the concept and think it would be expanded into a fun, frenetic reflex-style game. Nice title screen with animation and music. I like the animation of the characters.
  • Would be nice if both the green guy and the banana appeared simultaneously for more difficulty. I'd also add more variety with the items to catch, as well as the enemies. Perhaps make the game wave-based and change the background for each wave. The area where the items fall could be made wider over time to add more difficulty. Maybe different tunes for different levels. Perhaps add items that you do NOT Want to catch and items on the bottom that you don't want to avoid.


  • Nice simple title page with a tune.
  • Good to see some simple instructions in the attract sequence.
  • One life doesn't seem like enough for an arcade game.
  • Simple game but lacking that crucial "one more go" feel.
  • Player avatar could use more colours.
  • Have more moving enemies on screen at once.
  • Maybe falling collectables could have patterns of some kind and be more than one on screen at once collect.
  • Needs more lives.
  • Needs a good game over screen.
  • Falling collectables would look better animated and perhaps in more colours.
  • Needs some kind of "level up" so the player knows things are going to get faster.
  • Needs more variety of enemies to jump over and perhaps using "attack" patterns.
  • Change the liquid so the player is stood in mud, water, slime etc - perhaps this could add friction to the player too.
  • Would benefit from sub pixel positioning.




Programmed By: carlsson

Overall Score: 249

You are a skier trying to go down a slope full of slalom ports and trees.

How many ports can you clear?





  • A simple slalom-like game.
  • The gates sometimes are too far and there are several trees just in the middle.
  • No need to stop the game on each beep to improve feeling.


  • This game needs a couple of different modes to give it some Lasting Appeal. A speed run mode no obstacles increasing speed as you go perhaps. 2 player vs
  • Biggest problem I had was bad spawning of trees or poles made some trial runs last under 10sec. That killed my hopes of having any chance on getting far. And I didn't even know what I hit sometimes. Like a ghost tree.
  • Collision detection might be too touchy?
  • It's not skill based..more luck. Maybe remove the chance of trees in between poles.
  • An animated player and some variety in playfeild would be very nice. Snowmen, different trees,piles of wood..rocks..animated flags?
  • Title screen art of a skier or snowy mountains.


  • Skiing games can be fun, but this one needs a bit more work to smooth out the gameplay.
  • Would like to see you reach the bottom of the mountain so you can start from the top again. Unless the goal is to simply see how many gates you can get through before you succumb to the mountain. I would get rid of the pause when reaching each gate. Add more graphics and audio. Add animation for when the player turns. Refine the gate and tree algorithm to make it always possible to reach gates. Add some different game modes (see Activision's "Skiing" on the 2600 as an example).


  • Functional title page - nice to see the high score on it.
  • Drops you right into the game on pressing fire.
  • Basic graphics very reminiscent of early home computer games.
  • Seemed to have random collisions with '1's that weren't there.
  • Needs a lot more polish to add replayability and lasting appeal.
  • VCollision detection needs improving.
  • Title page needs spicing up more.
  • Add some "Olympic sounding" music - something to get you in the mood.
  • Needs a "beep, beeeep, Beeeeeeep" sound effect to start you on your way.
  • Perhaps add a swishing sound effect as you change direction.
  • Add flag graphics instead of using GROM characters.
  • For comedy value having the odd random bear in the background would be neat.
  • 2 player side by side action could be possible.
  • Add 2 player mode.
  • Trees seemed to randomly disappear as they moved up the screen.
  • Add a cut scene with being loaded into an ambulance, broken leg etc when you have too many collisions.
  • Might be a good game to add speech to.
  • Perhaps allow the player to select a nationality and have the avatar in suitable colours.
  • Add more colour to the player.
  • Perhaps leave a trail behind them of cut up snow.
  • Add more varied trees.




Programmed By: CrazyBoss

Overall Score: 246

The game is a simple TIC-TAC-TOE game.

There is a Demo-mode or you can choose to Play as X or O.




NOTE: CrazyBoss released the source code to CB-TICTACTOE last year, but did not update it with the latest version submitted to the contest. The judges believed this to be inadvertent and decided to award it four points instead of five.



  • Reasonably executed. I found interesting the status bar in the bottom.
  • Sound effects and/or music. Difficulty level? I couldn't beat the computer after several games, only draws.


  • Very nice and tight Tic Tac Toe game.
  • Overall it's a nice solid game..simple and we'll done.
  • I would love to see more color though.
  • Like adding color to the player icons or status bar.
  • Also maybe a little animation for a win or lose. Like a Pissed of robot head to the right side screen. Or a dancing human.
  • Two real player option.
  • Some sound or and music would be nice to hear also.


  • It's Tic-Tac-Toe, one of those games that eventually gets a release on everything with a CPU inside. Even Atari sold a 3D Tic-Tac-Toe for the 2600!
  • A two player mode would make this something you might play more often. Some animations, additional graphics, and audio would help with the polish. Computer is pretty easy to beat every time, so improved AI and perhaps a difficulty setting would be nice.


  • Functional title page and in game graphics.
  • I liked the status bar.
  • Use GRAM cards for a more distinctive look to the player/CPU pieces.
  • Perhaps add the ability to change graphical themes e.g. "robot" vs "human", "Apples" vs "Pears", instead of "X" vs "O".
  • Add sound FX and title page music.
  • Add animations in the status bar during game play e.g. robots antenna moving, eyes going round while its thinking.
  • Add more to the game won/lost ending r.g. animations, sound effects or speech.




Programmed By: catsfolly

Overall Score: 241







As trampoline ace "Nobaudi Holmes", your mission is to see how far you can go....





  • The gravity feels strange. An incomplete game.
  • A small line telling that pressing down helps to control your character.
  • I see chances for a great game here, maybe with a nice background, birds and so.
  • A lives counter.


  • Could be a really fun game with some additions. Coins in air..balloons to pop. Maybe something like a one time use umbrella to help save you from a miss. It could also be a collectable that appears once in while to help keep you going longer. Or a wing collectable that save one miss.
  • Nice title screen. A tune would make it seem so much better. Nice bubbly loop.
  • Love the character hat animation. Gives it personality.
  • Maybe a super bounce tramp that sends you to bonus stage of 4 sided tramp room with 10 sec to collect coins.
  • Maybe pressing button makes character flip or do stunts for points or just for fun.
  • This could be a little gem with some polish.


  • Interesting concept here, would like to see this fleshed out with more refinement and additions. Nice animated title screen.
  • I like the animation of the guy jumping (for instance, the hat popping off his head). Control is non-obvious to me, I was not able to decisively control my jumps, making my deaths random more than anything else. There's the basis here for a fun game if the control mechanics were more obvious and more feedback given to the user so they know how they are affecting the jumper. Having things in the air to try and hit would add another interesting gameplay element. Having special trampolines that give you added benefits (such as a longer or higher jump) would be interesting. Having a bit of control of the jumper in the air, even if not realistic, might make the game more fun and less frustrating. Have a goal to reach at the end of each level.


  • Nice DYCP fluid title page.
  • doesn't always seem to start with a disc press on the same controller.
  • Gravity feels a bit odd.
  • Like the player avatar - he has character.
  • Could be a good game with the issues ironed out.
  • Add an attract mode.
  • Add title page music.
  • Needs some kind of forward/reverse thrust play mechanism - perhaps collectables could power this?
  • Needs more sound effects.
  • Perhaps add collectables.
  • The title page to start level screen "glitch" needs addressing.
  • More varied background would be nice eye candy.
  • A more detailed GAME OVER screen would be nice.



Bowl Bust

Programmed By: PuzZLeR

Overall Score: 208

Bowl your way through various recognizable Intellivision characters and avatars, see how many you can bring down.





  • A simple bowling game.
  • A better title screen.
  • Better graphics for objects being hit, actually look confusing.
  • A sound when touching objects.
  • Better sound effects. Maybe some music.
  • A background for the bowling floor. Better animated ball.
  • Maybe a small intro showing examples of throwing the ball and hitting objects for combos.


  • Game needs some more animation frames on sprites. Too basic and no variety to them.
  • Some interesting multicolor(2)sprites would help alot. The player would be really nice to have say 2 colors on or a nice animation bowling or loosing round.
  • Sound for hitting objects maybe. Short jingle at title.
  • Different random speeds for sprites with the ability to push up or down to speed up or slow ball a little.
  • A lane or side bar area would be a nice grfx touch too.


  • I like the idea of a bowling game where the items you're attempting to bowl need to be lined up as they come in from the sides.
  • Would love to see more variety in the graphics, and make sure they are more easily identifiable. Some additional gameplay elements would be nice to keep it interesting. For instance, "special" items that come out every now and again. Needs more audio. The black playfield is a bit plain. Game was a bit glitchy as well and would benefit from some additional playtesting.


  • Functional but very wordy title page - might be better split into a main title page and some credits/thanks screens.
  • It only seems possible to curve the ball to the left.
  • Interesting concept but it needs better balancing out.
  • Functional game over screen.
  • Music would be nice on the title page.
  • Needs a "Wait for key up" adding after title page and before the game starts.
  • GAME OVER screen needs spicing up - perhaps use more colour and add animations.
  • Delays on game over need to be shorter - players don't want to be kept "hanging" and want to get back in the game.
  • Perhaps there is a way to compute where 4 enemies will be lined up (even when coming on from the left/right) to ensure a strike is possible and add some deviation to the sprite positions. At the moment even curving the ball its difficult to complete a round.
  • More animations would add variety.
  • Add sound effects for "strike" and a "miss" e.g. crowd booing.
  • Enemies flashing colours when you haven't don anything to them seems a bit out of place to me.
  • Game would benefit from sub pixel positioning.




Programmed By: Shalmezad

Overall Score: 203

You are in Bullet Hell. You must navigate your way through the flying bullets.

How far can you go in this old-school ASCII-style game?





  • Navigate through the obstacles in a scrolling play field.
  • More graphics and color. Some sound and music (none currently)
  • Maybe smooth scrolling or smooth displacement of player.


  • This game needs some direction. It has a good idea but not fleshed out. It could be much more. It could by moving betwween ppl and cars not just trees. Grfx and sfx are needed otherwise it's seems like more of a controller test.
  • And I can see why a they might have gone with a jumpy scroll instead of smooth. You can judge when to move to next block easier.
  • I know this could be a good game with help.
  • Rename cruise missle.
  • Needs a kill cam.


  • There's the beginning of a potentially interesting and fun game here for the Intellivision. Right now I feel it's a bit too simple, but it wouldn't take much to turn it into a game you'd play repeatedly.
  • Definitely needs more compelling gameplay elements, more variety in graphics, and of course, sound. You could add certain items that you want to run into, perhaps items to collect, give you points, or make special things happen (like explode a sphere of obstacles around you). The game is relatively easy, so ramping up the difficulty as you progress through the levels would be nice. What does the red character on the right do? Is that your enemy? Perhaps he could sometimes shoot at the player, forcing you to dodge (if you can!)?


  • "ASCII" games are an interesting genre.
  • Seems very "green screen monitor"
  • Game is lacking in the "one more go" department.
  • Good start but needs "more".
  • Spice up the title page with coloured and animated ASCII art.
  • Add title page music.
  • Be proud of the high score and display it on the title page.
  • Add sound effects - don't be frowned upon by the ASCII art purists .
  • Add an ASCII art explosion when you collide with an object. Make it over the top, it is ASCII after all.
  • Needs to wait for a key up after the last life used up and GAME OVER on screen.
  • Add a funky GAME OVER ASCII art screen.
  • The ship needs a shield and perhaps some power-ups to charge it up as a risk/reward element.
  • Use ASCII in interesting ways. Perhaps make the enemies bigger like bosses.
  • Needs a controller gate implementing to prevent unexpected launches into oncoming enemies



                 Originality    Concept   Execution   Graphics   Sound   Presentation   Game Play   Lasting Appeal   Source Code   Total
Whale Hunt            50           50        47          44        35         47           44             41             25         383
Space Versus          45           45        45          42        38         42           40             36             25         358
Mermaid               47           44        40          39        36         40           38             35             25         344
Goatnom               44           43        45          47        42         46           39             36             0          342
Classic Battle Ship   36           43        43          37        29         39           41             36             0          304
Stunt Cycle           36           38        35          36        32         37           34             24             25         297
Alligator Swamp       45           39        37          38        25         35           36             30             0          285
Zyx                   38           36        30          29        30         35           21             13             25         257
Slalom!               32           30        31          30        14         31           32             24             25         249
CB-TICTACTOE          24           35        44          32        0          37           31             27             16         246
Tramps                42           38        31          33        12         28           31             26             0          241
Bowl Bust             36           30        27          26        10         31           29             19             0          208
IntelliBullet         34           30        29          23        0          26           25             11             25         203
Edited by DZ-Jay
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Lol. How am I the first to post on this after an hour and a half? Congrats to Emerson and to all those who entered. Hopefully a number of these will end up being published as I assume you're all still working feverishly on them to polish them up for release. :)

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Yes - Congrats to Emerson, for giving us a classic! I can tell lots of love went into this baby. :)


Hopefully a number of these will end up being published as I assume you're all still working feverishly on them to polish them up for release. :)


And to all participants - I say too, please carry on if your game is not finished yet. I will too, and let's all help each other with advice, tips, feeback, constructive critisicm, etc. for our current projects, and for the our future projects.


Yes, I am still working on my game - even now - and will see this through to completion - contest/release or no contest/release. This is what I said, and this is what I will do. Sure, winning is nice, and so is getting it released, but, honestly, the biggest motivator was a Labour of Love. Let's not forget our REAL reason for being here in the first place.


And I do imagine the hard work behind the judging too. My hats off to them too.


This is a great little Community. I look forward to sharing lots more with it. :)

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(...) Hopefully a number of these will end up being published (...)

Hopefully a number of these will end up being published..... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published...... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published....... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published..... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published..... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published...... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published....... Hopefully a number of these will end up being published.....





(cmart, thanks for letting me echo your statement :))

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Congratulations to the prize winners and a huge thanks to everybody that entered a game into the contest. I'd like to thank the other judges: nanochess, Albert, retroillucid, nonner242 and also the validator: DZ-Jay for their time, effort and support. Last, but not least, thanks to all those people in the Inty community that offered the contestants help, support, testing and feedback.


You all made the contest a blast!

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Congratulations to the winners.

Thanks to all who participated.

It'd be great to see some screen shots, at least to start with.


No worries, it's coming. I'm compiling a monster post that includes the detailed score for each game, broken down by category; along with the judge's comments and recommendations. I shall also include screenshots and the ROM and source, if the programmers consent to it.


Watch this space later today. :)



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As PuzZler said, I hope everyone continues to work on their games. The best part of this contest is that it opened the doors to many great programmers who normally may have not attempted to program for the intellivision. I know I would not have gotten this far without the support of the community, so thanks to everyone who helped any of us along the way. A special thanks goes out to Tarzilla for helping me get started. I also appreciate the effort of everyone who put this contest together. Judges, communicators, contributors and participants alike, thank you very much for your efforts.


I'm excited to bring more titles to the intellivision. Things are just getting started...

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Thank you, the judges who put in the work to make this happen, guide the contestants, and review/deliberation. Running this kind of thing, even virtually, adds a lot of overhead to your already busy lives. So thanks!


It would/will be inspiring to have YouTube video of the first 90-120 seconds of game play for each of the winners, submitted by the developers themselves.




After many sleepless nights, the judges have finally finis[snip]

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I'm excited to bring more titles to the intellivision. Things are just getting started...


It's hard to believe, but the Intellivision's best era is ahead of it!


People like you raised the bar. This is only a good thing, and even motivates me. Yes, I too am just getting started. Hopefully many others will now "up their game" another notch. If there's a next contest we can have 5 top winners now!


Once more, my congratulations on a well deserved victory. What was real nice was that I felt your passion for this throughout, and it was nice to see.


Also congrats to mmarrero and tuatara21 as well. Great work on your end as well. If I recall, you both mentioned a need for some polish after the contest - please do. I look forward to these titles too!

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WOW. Congrats to Emerson and all the winners. I was out all day yesterday with my Brother and can't believe I missed this announcement. I hope that all the other entrants will release some playable games to us soon.


Thanks to all the judges and to everyone that has been helping us with IntyBasic.

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Congratulations to all the winners!!! It has been a big team labor where everyone put their time and best efforts :)


Contestants made great games and judges have played them throughly, some of us even have put some comments about what we feel could be improved.


Soon the sponsors will get contestants addresses to send the prizes properly (myself I've a prize for the third place ;) ) and there is a big pool of prizes :)


Thanks to everyone!!! and let us hope this will be the first of a great series of programming contests for Intellivision :grin:

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As soon as I get home from the office I will update the first post with the entries, scores, comments, screenshots, and everything else.


It's coming, I promise! I just wanted to make a quick post last night before going to bed to announce the winners and start the congratulatory celebrations. :)

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