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Just a quick note to let everybody know that I just received a big bulky parcel from UKlandia! I will be posting the individual magazines to the participants this week-end. Hopefully you all will have your very own copy by next week. :)



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My copy of Retro Gamer arrived yesterday. I quickly turned to page 108 and read the "ItnyBASIC 2015 Programming Contest" article.


then I read it again,


The article said there were 13 entries.

The article mentioned games by name.


the article mentioned 11 games. Stunt Cycle and Zyx conspicuously absent.


I don't know about the author of Zyx, but I am totally crushed.


If I had any friends that gave two cents about my weird obsession with classic video games I would strongly urge them to write letters to the retroGAMER editors pointing out this slight and demanding the mention of the remaining games in a future edition along with a sincere apology.


Since I have no friends to whom the idea of retroGamer would even make sense I guess I will need to handle this blatant oversight on my own. Rest Assured, I will not read this, or any future issue of this magazine cover to cover more than twice (maybe thrice). That's cover to cover, so I might re-read some of the articles more than that, but not the whole magazine all the way through. unless I really like it or something.

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Inspired by atari2600land's "Celery's Challenge", I imagine a different kind of contest where one sets up a framework with some fundamental GRAM cards for player MOB and background. Then everyone are invited to design a level - with code and graphics - within that game. Some levels may be a static screen, some might implement scrolling, some might be collect 'em up, some may involve firing or moving in patterns, I don't know, just that every level should have a goal to finish it. Perhaps the game even could be played as individual levels, so that you can choose which one to complete first and then return to a menu where you choose another level. I'm thinking in terms of both Lazy Jones and even more so Quedex on the C64. You probably could play the game linearily too.


Most impressive level wins, but all that are finished and playable would get included in any finished release. Hey, we've got those 42K words to fill up!


Do you think this would be fun, or rather restricting the individual creativity?

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I'm sorry to see you were excluded from the magazine article fsuinnc. You certainly programmed a noteworthy, and playworthy game!


To comment on carlsson's remark, it could go either way in regards to restricting creativity. On one hand, I think it would make for an interesting challenge if everyone started on the same playing field with respect to available graphics and maybe some core level code. I think if... say 8 GRAM tiles were left for personalization, that it would still provide the effect of an equal playing field with the addition of a more unique level.


The idea of a group effort/competition to create a single game composed of everyone's levels is pretty cool, and I surely would like to be a part of that! What if there are more participants (levels) than the 42k word limitation can hold? Maybe there could be a "competition cart" version which would rank the levels from last to first, but also have a small script where the user could select any of the submitted levels in a customized rom? I don't know how easy that would be, but it's a thought...

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Hi, emerson and carlsson,


I proposed a similar contest last year but was given very good reasons why it's better to have free and open contests -- at least right now. The idea is to invite newcomers to IntyBASIC and expand the pool of Intellivision programmers, so making the rules too restrictive, or constraining too much the context of the game, may not serve this purpose well.


This should be absolutely clear (as it was to me) once you consider the variety of games we got in the first contest: by leaving it up to the programmer to decide what he wants to do and letting he do absolutely anything, we ended up with a brilliant showcase of creativity, from a board game conversion, to a space action shooter, to a whaling simulation/RPG, and even an calculator inspired-ASCII game! And everything in between!


How's that for creative diversity?


Perhaps once IntyBASIC gets more established and the programming community more mature, we could institute different contests including some genre-specific or others with rigid constraints to push the boundaries of a particular theme. However, for the moment, I think it's better to just open the doors to let anybody do whatever they want, and entice more people to switch over to our little platform. :)



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Of course it doesn't have to be in the form of a contest, one could invite others to a design committee (!!) to set up a set of basics, and then anyone is welcome to contribute their own level(s). Perhaps that is better, to go ahead in a non-competitive form first and if it is successful, make a challenge out of it next time.

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In the world of the average retro gaming interested person, new homebrew is not terribly interesting compared to reliving the old times. We on forums like AtariAge may be more "hardcore" than your average Facebook user into a retro gaming group, and more eager about new releases for old hardware.

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