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PNW - TI-99/4A Fest West 2016 - April 30th


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(Click on all photos to enlarge)


Okay I got the place reserved for April 30th. We have the room from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

If you plan to attend, they would like to know in advance how many people will be attending so they can have the correct amount of staff there to serve us. So, please send me a PM and I'll take your name down and add it to the list.


When we break for lunch at 12:00pm they will bring the menus into the room and serve us in there.


As you can see there is plenty of seating...




There is a spot for presenters to do their thing...




There is even enough room for side deals like trading, buying or selling some TI goodies.





It's super easy to get to, just get on Interstate 5 and head for EXIT 57 once you get there turn take the exit and turn WEST. It's right off the freeway. The link below shows the building. Just walk in the door, head straight towards the restaurant and make a left. THAT'S IT, YOUR THERE!


<< CLICK HERE >> for a Google street view


It'll be nice to see everyone... and maybe a few lurkers out there too!


Oh yeah, it has free WiFi too so you can check your forum messages too!

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I won't be there - too far away - but one thought popped into my mind. It sounds like you have the 'presenters' covered but if more people intend to set up equipment, ask about power outlets, whether you can use them, and how much power you can use. Is the whole room on a 20A breaker, for example.


Blowing a circuit breaker in a place like this can cause anxiety for the owner. Learned from that mistake long ago...

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What's the name of the restaurant? I clicked on the Google Street View link, but all I could see is the truck stop. That's okay, but what's it called? I wanted to post a link on my blog, and I didn't know what to call it...but I did list the address. The more promotion the better...I linked to this thread.



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Pencil me in. I'm in Portland, so no big deal to drive up there. The only mitigating factor is that I may be out of town that day....on a family vacation. But still deciding on the dates for that.


I've got a meager TI collection, but I would love to learn more.



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just south of centralia off i5

Oh, god, you're having it in Toledo. The place where nothing happens ... until all of a sudden a kid kills his stepmother, father covers up the crime, and the entire investigation is *completely botched* until a crime writer picks it up fifteen years later. Oh, and the father in question was the principal of the local elementary school.


Lewis County has a lot of dark secrets like that. Medix Wilson (my family doctor) was the country coroner, and I shudder to think how many deaths he mischaracterized.


At least it's not Pe Ell or Vader ... or, god forbid, Chehalis.


Sorry I won't be there. I got out of Lewis County for a reason icon_smile.gif

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...so if you write a book, just call it "Last Exit: Toledo" icon_smile.gif

Nah, I didn't get down to Toledo much. Didn't get out of Centralia/Chehalis much, either, because my VW engine ('65 Bug) was perpetually in need of an overhaul.


My ex-wife went to high school there (albeit as an exchange student, doesn't have any Lewis County genes), which colors my perception a bit. You know you're in back-of-beyond when people from Centralia (which was mostly populated by refugees from the Dust Bowl in the '30s -- Centralians have their own accent, for crying out loud) view you as "country bumpkins".


Dammit, now I want to go just to re-experience what a place with no concrete looks like.

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yeah, as I am ♪ far far away ♪ , "Centralia" just sounded a bit like "Valkenvania" to me, a village in a movie.... with Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase ?

Cannot remember exactly, but it was a very funny and strange movie. Maybe it was called different in english.....

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