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Crazy Climber Metal - Super Mario mystery block ?


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Who doesn't like Super mario! I wasn't going to make any mario stuff because it is so overdone and honestly others have done it much better than I ever could but I had an idea a while back that I wanted to finish. I used to own a Super mario pinball machine and I really like pinball toppers. I thought it would be a great idea to make a mystery box topper! Who doesn't love the mystery box, whats it going to be? A mushroom, fire flower...a coin? You don't know until you smash it with your head (or fist I believe it's supposed to be, lol) The mario pinball is loooong gone but I completed the topper I always wanted!

I used some of the left over Orange Sunburst material from the large Dairy Queen job we completed at work and I had a few small pieces of yellow I was able to use for the top piece. The yellow is really cool because it has a super gloss applied to it, a little more expensive but totally worth it in my opinion, really makes it jump out at you. I am half tempted to smash it against my head which is why I hide it when I have got into the Jim Beam....maybe some day I will get another Super mario pinball machine but for now it will reside on my garage :)

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