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Took a break from AIP, and I'm finally setting up the Incognito I got last year. It works...although must need a battery because the settings don't stay set across power cycle. But anyway...

what do I do? I have no idea how to set it up. It's installed hardware-wise and functional, I mean the software setup. I know there's a ton of info but it's scattered all over a bunch of very long threads. If there's a good source of info that I've missed, just let me know, otherwise I have a few basic questions:


1. The first thing I'd like to do is flash Jon's loader into it. Can I just get the latest atr from Jon's thread and load it? Is SDX required for that? What command loads the flash?

2. I put a 512MB CF card in the slot, and enabled the SIDE hardware. Nothing. What do I need to do, and where does the CF card show up in the drive letters?

3. How do I load cart rom's into the cart slot?



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1. Have a look in the Alt Ultimate/Incognito BIOS thread and download the most recent ZIP containing flasher, Main BIOS, PBI BIOS and loader. The readme file has basic instructions on the upgrade process.

2. You need to run FDISK to partition the card. Visit my website and download the SDX build which contains all the partitioning tools.

3. Uflash lets you flash any 8K ROM to the cart slot in-situ. Use the version which comes with the new BIOS.


Sorry it's a brief guide but it's late and I'm using my phone browser. :)

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Welp, I trashed my incog I guess. Loaded per instructions, get a blank screen on restart. Do I get to buy a flash programmer? Advice needed, please.



Er....powered it off for like 5 minutes, and then tried again...and it came up! confused but happy.


*further edit*

Wierd. It doesn't like to come right back up, I have to leave it powered off for 5 mins before it will come back up. I think I've pushed my luck enough for one night, I'm going to get a fresh battery in it before I muck around any more.

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It's important that you type UFLASH.XEX and not just UFLASH. The one on the SDX CAR: has not yet been updated. I removed it on mine until Jon perfects the latest one and makes it available for use on CAR:. If you totally brick it, then you will need a device programmer. The TL-866 is a good cheap one. Or, for the cost of postage, myself or many others here can program your chip and return it to you.


Good luck.

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Kyle22, like this one ?



I may just get one anyway if that's all they cost.

Yes, that one. It's cheaper than the TL866A, and you can easily turn it into the A model by following my guide here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246355-minipro-tl866-upgrade-instructions/

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