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5200 Carry case with original Box


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They are rare. Plus a lot of them were converted into carrying cases for the Atari STs by various Atari dealers in the late 80s. Mine being one of 'em. Hey, I was young, I didn't have a 5200 back then, and it really caught my eye back at the 1989 World of Atari convention at the Disneyland Hotel so don't judge me! :)

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As I was in H.S. at the time,and not a gamer like my younger sibling, I do remember kids taking their systems from house to house, all be not common place.

Just about everyone had a 2600, but 5200, C64 and some of the other systems not so much.


If you don't have an original box today the case is the next best thing... I wish I had another and boxed at that. :)

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