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Just finished getting the monitors installed and cables run to the various computers.

Besides my Mac Pro, I have a couple work computers set up at my desk. I had been using a 4-port KVM, but when I checked out DisplayPort KVMs I got a bit of sticker shock - $950 for single monitor, $1400 for a dual monitor. There are a couple cheaper models at $428(single) and $700(dual), but they only support 4K @ 30 Hz. So for now I'm just using the KVM as a K-M and using the monitor's menu to switch inputs.

I still need to tidy up the cables, but have put that on hold for now because one of the 15' mini DisplayPort cables is bad - whichever display it was hooked up to would periodically flicker (I tried it on both). I'm currently using one of the 6' cables that came with the monitors, Opus is guarding it:

At the moment I'm marveling at the clarity, but also thinking "gee, these are quite a bit larger than I was expecting - perhaps I should have gone with the P2415Q". I suspect that will pass once I get used to them :D

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