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Power Supply snap-crackle-pop...


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If anybody is interested, I will soon have available 30 XL/XE power supplies. They are 5V, 2A and use a Neutrik 7-pin DIN with cast aluminum housing and gold pins. $15 each, $5 will ship one or two in the USA (so $20 for 1 shipped, $35 for 2 shipped).

I'll potentially be in for two

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I would never cheap out on power supplies, especially avoid cheap iPhone / iPad counterfeit chargers.


There's a reason why these are so cheap, much less components.


They are house fires waiting to happen.




I would second that!


The chap who does the EEVBlog once dismantled what turned out to be a fake Apple USB charger... Scary just to think about plugging that thing in. Its a very interesting video and well worth checking out.

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I wouldn't recommend a USB charger, but the 5V switching mode power supplies that come with many routers are designed for constant use at higher current.


I have a few 5V/2A power supplies that came with D-Link routers which should be suitable for this type of application, since they don't use any USB handshaking to be able to deliver >500mA.

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I'm guilty of using cheap knock off chargers myself.I've replaced a MacBook charger with a cheap one, eventually the charger failed catastrophically. Being curious I broke opened up the case and one of the electrolytic caps had a decent sized hole in it. Scary to think that I used that thing for a year and half.


Apart from being dangerous to use, the manufacturers remove necessary components from the design to bring down costs which result in under-performance (they often don't deliver the necessary performance as claimed in their specs & suffer a lot of problems ( AC ripple, overheating causing components to exceed their max ratings & eventually fail )).

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