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I'd planned to pick up an Apple Pencil when I got my iPad Pro, but they didn't have any available and the backorder was for quite a while. I checked their store a couple times in December and January, but never had any luck. I checked online today and they were available in most of the Houston area stores, so I reserved one for in-store-pickup. I then headed out for brunch at Torchy's Tacos, and received "order ready" notification while eating.

Pairing the Pencil was super easy - just plug it into the lightning port:

And the iPad asks if you wish to pair it:

The Notification Center gets a battery widget that shows the charge state:

Though I was very disappointed when I realized it wouldn't show the state of my SteelSeries Nimbus controller, seems like a rather large oversight.

Did a quick sketch (don't laugh Nathan! :lol:) to see how it worked:

and was most impressed. The was very minimal lag time and the pressure and angle both affected the image as expected. Palm rejection worked well and I liked how the on-screen controls would automatically hide themselves if you started to draw close to them.

The ruler tool made it easy to draw straight lines at any angle, which was shown whenever you used two fingers to rotate it.

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