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Encore Manual?


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Is there or are there plans to make a Harmony Encore instruction guide? I see there's a manual for the SD version. I'm a noob, and would love to have some proper instructions. I've been hesitant to order a harmony because I'm afraid I won't get it to work :P



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Harmony Encore comes with an addendum insert for the manual. I guess I never got around to putting that online. It would be nice for it to have its own manual, but the source files for the manual were made with a software package that I don't own or have access to anymore. Maybe someday I will figure out how to convert the files to a format that I can work with.

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I received my Harmony Encore a few months back, but the addendum page to the manual was not included. I emailed batari, but got no reply. Does anyone have the addendum page and could scan it or take a quick photo of it? Thanks.

This link has the manual that you are looking for.



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