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Interesting Jaguar ad


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Yeah it's not a Cheetah- some of the spots have that two-tone look, Cheetahs have solid black spots. Sonic and Mario are there because the Jag is "Chewing up the competition", so it does all make sense. A pretty poor ad though.

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Since they're not exact copies of the figures and advertising laws are different all over the world I guess they acted within the law of the country/countries it was used. Here in the Netherlands it probably wouldn't have been allowed as you can't mention or depict anything of another brand in your advertisement. In the US it is or at least was quite normal to "compare" your product to another brand. Didn't Sony film ads in front of the Nintendo office?

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OK, well, I doubt they got permission from Nintendo and Sega, though. I'm surprised they didn't care. It must have been since the Jaguar was doing poorly?


That was the Jaguar launch ad from 1993, so we didn't know the system was going to bomb (although everyone had a STRONG feeling it was going to bomb...lol).


I remember Nintendo got back at Atari in a SNES ad and showed an in-game picture of Donkey Kong Country next to an in-game picture of Cybermorph, along with a snarky comment.


No love lost in video game advertising back then.

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