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Neo Geo AES screen issues have picture...

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After examining it more I think I found the issue. There is a bunch of empty holes with no solder in them keep in mind the photo below doesn't show its just a small example. I put a red mark around one so you can see what I am talking about. After cross referencing it with a board photo I found online I think that the problem:



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There are multiple versions of the Neo Geo board. Filling those holes w solder will do nothing. I already told you what the issue is, why did you ask for help if you plan on ignoring the answer? The yellow screen signifies a VRAM error. Go fill in random holes w solder if you really think that'll help, I'm done offering advice.

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You said broken trace. I thought that may be what those are. Not sure what traces are.


Traces are those little lines running all over the board. They move the current around.


Since you know the problem is the VRAM, start by finding that and seeing if it's broken. Then look at the traces.

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