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How best to replace a broken/iffy key?

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So when I opened up my STe box awhile back the 0 (Zero) key from the right side number pad was kicking around in the box.


I glued it back on but now it is getting loose again. I don't really use the number pad that much but I want a fully functional keyboard, or at the least, no missing keys (looks fugly)!


I noticed there are replacement keys on eBay and will likely order one soon.


So my question is: What is the procedure for replacing keys on the ST? Do they just pop off, or will I have to take the case apart?






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Which bit is broken? If it's the small plastic rod don't pay much for it, I'm sure many people here have spares knocking around. The keycap should just pop off (sometimes they are glued though- be careful). Anything else requires the keyboard to be opened- not difficult but a bit fiddly as there are lots of small screws and rubber domes. You could get a TT-touch from Best and upgrade the rubber domes while you are in there.

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Here is my situation. I am going to need a new key and connector because the top part was glued in and the piece split when I tried to coerce it out (should have drilled,) but it was pretty well glued in there anyway.


They have individual keys here:




Which would work nicely but the shipping is outrageous from england, it would be like $15 for a new key.


Think i'm going to email Bradley at Best and see if he can't hook me up..


Too bad I have to take the case apart again...so many screws. Just had it all apart too for that RAM upgrade.


Oh well, I can't abide a bum key :)


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All better!


After an hour and about 45 screws (what seemed like 3 hours and 450 screws) my STe is back to full health. New Zero Key, Best "TT Touch" key cups, and a 4160STe badge are in place.


I really like the best keyboard cup replacements. A lot better feedback and it feels like an 80's IBM keyboard, very solid.



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