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I managed to optimize the game enough to have over 700 bytes left before hitting 32,768 bytes. I ditched the font and use the Coleco's BIOS font, 300 byte saving. There's little text in it anyway. My next project I'm going to attempt to bankswitch. I'm going to break up my source files into pieces. And find bfg.passion tutorial and try again with SDCC. I think I can't use CCI3 for this but to compile the sources, but use another program to link all of the data together in to one Megacart ROM.

I decided to increase the object limit from 6 to 8 objects maximum. Only draw back, object number 7 and 8 always have priority over the player since sprite 33-36 don't exist and they stay sprite 12-15 while the player is 16-19. It won't be a problem I think. Object 7 and 8 only pops up during boss fight. One room in the fourth stage, I had 7 objects. So bosses are going to be a bit more difficult.

Groovybee suggestion turning the objecttype from bunch of if/then into switch/case. He mention it'll make a nice jump table for me. Instead of comparing 15 objects 6 times to the ID requested, it'll jump right into the case and break out. This bought back CPU cycles, which means little to no lag during the final boss fight. Now I up the object count, it brought back the epic lag boss fight.

And that music engine theory does work. The sound table is limited to 62 sound effect. Number 63 is suppose to be a "special thingy", well the programmer manual said something about it. I don't know if I want to add music to this game or not.

One thing I want to draw a Mario/Kirby superstar 3D like picture at the ending screen. Like I did for Star Ocean. I know how I want the picture to look like. Hopefully I can cram it into the available tiles for the Tileset.

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