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Altirra & xBIOS 4.3 loading


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I am wondering regarding xBios 4.3 loading speed in Altirra vs original hardware.


I set everything accurate sio timings in Altirra and booted a ATR with xbios 4.3 in it and loaded a .xex file from the menu there. No Highspeed SIO etc... just like I thought it would be in a standard 1050 disk drive...


now when booting in Altirra and loading the file it is painful slow (beep pause beep pause beep pause)... same ATR on a 130XE with SIO2SD (without highspeed) loads as normal "beep beep beep"...


Now as I am preparing again a demo for Revision party... I need to know who is right and why Altirra does it like it does? If Altirra slows down loading... how likely it is on real 1050?





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