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Help with Altirra and MyIDE-II


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I've had some issues with a MyBios Beta and am trying to see if I can get it working in Altirra Test 11 (since the Altirra docs seem to follow 11, but not Test 14).


That's a problem, because my skills with Altirra are rudimentary. I've spent several hours (unsuccessfully) trying to get this going. Can some kind soul please help me?


I'm trying to use a MyIDE-II with the 4.9.Beta 8 firmware.

Also using the corresponding R2 rom which I've added under the Operating System. (I have renamed it as otherOS.rom, and it is sitting on the desktop where Altirra resides.)

I have an ATR MyDos Image for the hard disk (20,000 DD sectors)


I have followed the Altirra docs down to the point of


"Custom OS kernel ROM

Rename the MyIDE OS image as otheros.rom in the Altirra program directory and switch the firmware mode to Other OS.

Use $D500-D51F for the external interface or $D1xx for the internal interface."


I don't understand the reference to the Altirra program directory. I run Altirra from the desktop, so there it is not like there is an Altirra folder under Windows Program Files. Perhaps in my case, the desktop is the appropriate "folder?"


Can someone who has successfully set this up please explain what settings they are using, and hopefully that will clear up my question about the Custom Rom


Or perhaps it would be easier to PM me with your setup of Altirra with the MyIDE-II active, then I can compare it to my failed attempts?




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Well, still flogging this, some progress (by dumb luck, I think).


By changing the OS from the MyBios R2 rom to the XL/XE OS, I now get the MyIDE-II boot screen.


Selecting the Beta, then pressing RETURN, I get the 4.9.B8 Welcome Screen. (BTW is there any way in Altirra to take screen shots of the Altirra screen?)


But then if I press RETURN for a normal boot, I just get a blank blue screen. 4.9.B8 works very well, so it is not an issue with it.


So, still missing how to get the MyIDE-II ATR image to boot to MyDos.



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(BTW is there any way in Altirra to take screen shots of the Altirra screen?)



ALT+F10 will get a screen shot.. You have to pick the directory and file name for the shot as PNG.


where do I find the rom you are using..?? and I will give it a try..

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