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Create Astrocade High Score Club?


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So, How's this going to work?


The Astrocade High Score Club is already in progress at the Bally Alley Yahoo discussion groups, but it will be moving to AtariAge as soon as the new HSC subforum is created. We're currently playing the second game of the season, "Space Fortress." When the HSC subforum shows up, then I'll put all the details there and I'll also link to them from here.

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Albert created the subforum for the Astrocade High Score Club today. Thanks, Albert!


Rounds 1 and 2 of the High Score club have been going strongly over at the Bally Alley Yahoogroup forums, but now AtariAge will host the HSC. I'm so glad, as it will make running the HSC much easier.


I just began the poll for Round 3 of the HSC. The two choices are: "Cosmic Raiders" and "Pirate's Chase."




Please vote for the game you want to play. Both of these games are cartridges and will play just fine under emulation.


Note that the newest round will start around mid-week and end on a Sunday evening. I'll be more specific once the round begins.

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