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Floating in the ether. Deep in meditation. A faint sillouette takes shape in the form of a man. A man in white robes appears and takes my hand.


"We are going to see something today that is like medicine for the mind." he says as we float upward. "There are worlds above and below the earth. What you see is a deception. A material
encapsulation converging ideas, thoughts, conflicts of the worlds above and below." he explains.

A place begins to form out of nothingness. Walls and windows take shape. I am walking down a hallway with a checkered floor and green walls. Doors appear to my right and left with windows on each. Metal wires criss-cross the panes.


"Take a look." he says, while pointing at a window.


I approach the door and look inside. A man is sitting in a straight jacket. There is paddiing all over the walls and big words smeared out of something written everywhere. DON'T LISTEN is written in one place. DON'T TOUCH ME is written next to it. A smell hits me as I realize it is written in human excrement. The man has patches of missing hair and is shivering. "STEP BACK!" he yells, while shuddering and yanking up his knees and rocking his elbows down. He rests his chin between his knees and peers at the center of the window.


"What's wrong with him?" I ask.


"He can read people's minds." My robed friend informs me. "He can sometimes control people." he adds as we step back from the door. "He found out what most people just can't accept. The simple fact that evil resides deep within each of us, arguing with reason to form our ever balancing mind."


We begin to walk down the hall to a different door. He continues, "You don't want to know what most people are thinking. They think of murdur, rape, assault, evil acts. If you could imagine everyone, even seemingly innocent people, sending out a distortion of self worth around themselves. An uncontrollable need to dominate everything."


We approace the next door as I look inside. The stench of vomit is apparent. A man is sitting on a bench on the left side of the room slouching. This room is different than the last. There is no padding. A large window is on the far wall. The man is free to move about. A wheeled cart with half eaten food and a tiny plastic cup on a tray is on the right side of the room. I am shocked to see, as the man turns to look out the window, that a huge growth is on his left shoulder. His shirt is stained with blood at the summit of the protrusion. He lurches forward and vomits.


"What is wrong with this man?" I ask.

"He was working for a laboratory as a hand. They dealt in animal testing. Manipulating the very fabric of creation. He was bitten by a radioactive spider." The robed man explained. "He's not long for this world, I'm afraid."


We cross to the other side of the hall and come to another door. This door is red with bars in the window and several locks up the side. I look in. A man is chained to the wall. He keeps saying "It itches, it itches, it itches...". A worker comes from behind and goes around the robed man. He begins to unlock each lock. Two armed men in military garb come up to his side.


"Is this man a danger?" I ask the worker.


"He can't hear us." The robed man says. "He is one of the first successful mergings of animal and man. Owned by the gonvernment. He is sedated. Not really a danger, just considered valuable to those who partook in his creation."


"What did they do to him?" I ask.


"He was made by combining a bone frog and a human." He answered. "When he feels threatened he snaps the bones in his hands which then protrude atop the knuckles to form razor sharp blades. He itches constantly where the bones heal, and ommits a terrible oder. Again, not long for this world. He is in a constant state of degradation and is suicidal."


We come up to the end of the hall and a bright gold door. I look inside. A man in a suit with an American flag tie is sitting with a cell phone up to his head and his left hand cuffed to a bolted table. "Twenty. Yes twenty. Raise the cost on those. Set my percentage lower. Don't sell. Wrap that up. How much? Good, good." He says into the phone. A cardboard cuttout of the statue of Liberty is to his left and a huge carboy filled with quarters is to his right. "I can't deal with that. If ten thousand die then market it to a hundred million!" He says, while aggressivley puching a button on the phone and setting it down. He then pulls a stack of papers out from under the table. He pulls a gold pen from a pocket inside the suit jacket and then looks over the top sheet. He signs something on the bottom of the sheet and then flips it over next to the stack. He then scribbles something at the bottom of the next sheet and does the same.


"Who is this?" I ask, confused.


"He is one of the greatest thieves to have ever lived!" The guide exclaims. "He has his claws in every form of underhanded dealing. He scalps, extorts, bribes, tricks, wars, polices, and poisons! Noone has ever stolen so much, even souls, and, believe it or not, he is in this cell by choice!"


"For protection!" I announce.


"Of course." he answers. " Also for his self-proclaimed insanity. He must be able to claim some form of insanity or incompetence should something go awry and he is found to owe anyone anything. Even an explanation. They call him Captain America."


The world begins to fade around me. Bright light comes over us and then a new setting forms. A street and buildings. Lights, cars and people are everywhere. The robed man guides me to an alley. We walk to the middle around some dumpsters. There is a small boy gasping for breath in the fetal position on the tarmac. I see that he is clutching something. I look closer and see that it is a turtle shell. Around the boy are the carcasses of three other turtles. One is nearly an empty shell as rats pop in and out. One smells like burnt hair. One has a giant leg breaking open it's shell and a swollen head. The boy dies as green liquids spill from his nose and mouth.


"What is this all about?" I ask.


"This poor fellow liked to pry open manhole covers using a brick and steel bar as a lever and take a flashlight down into the sewers. He happened upon these turtles in a puddle of toxic waste. Not knowing what it was, he took them up as pets. The compoud was mutagenic, causing all manner of side effects. Sporadic growth, excessive infection, tumors..."


We walk to the end of the alley and towards a small house. Suddenly we are in the house looking at a small girl playing a video game. She is pressing the buttons and is quite excited.


"She is playing a game. What's wrong with that?" I ask.


"People, animals, plants, even whole worlds have their own frequency. This device emmits a frequency that interrupts those natural ones a millionfold. What cannot be seen on the surface is the ever changing controlling factors of creation being manipulated from within. What becomes subtle distraction turns into complete distraction and then mind numbing sloth to the world around. Spiritually this is a great disconnect. A bridging between lesser planes that long to creep upwards into the lighter physical trappings of our realm. Beneath us are much greater weights upon a being. Simple and thoughtless, these creations long to become more complex and intrude upon our world from this millionfold gateway. Above us, thoughts and creation. Beneath us mechanics and reaction."


I then felt myself expanding in all directions. The earth and then the galaxy shrank into nothing. Surrounded by golden light I see a circle forming with angels harping hymns above and devils hammering hate below. I reach a point of blindness and then sink again rapidly. I see a blade of grass as tall as a skyscraper and then it shrinks down to the tip of my toe as I witness a mountain and hordes of people approaching. One lays a child at my feet with a third eye opened in the middle of her forhead. Another sets a child on the ground with four legs and three arms. Another comes laying down a child with five ears on one side of it's head and a giant gaping mouth full of rows of teeth. Shortly hundreds of children are all around me as I sit cross legged. All of them full of eyes, ears, teeth, limbs. I see in the distance a detonation and a rising cloud. It is so bright that I cover my face. The brightness of a thousand suns.

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