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2016 March of Dimes Arcade/Pinball prize raffle


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2016 is in full swing and that means it is time for another annual Arcade/Pinball prize raffle!!!

I am a volunteer and supporter of the March of Dimes mission to eliminate pre-term birth and the health complications associated with it. 3 of my Nieces were preemies and spend time in the NICU, so I know first hand how valuable the March of Dimes is. Please join with me to donate to the cause and support "a fighting chance for all babies"!


Every donation get automatically entered into the annual Arcade/Pinball prize raffle! Vendors have showed their support of the March of Dimes by contributing some great items to the prize pool, everything from apparel, tools, parts, artwork, gift certificates, and more will be available. The prize raffle goes life at the end of my fundraising campaign on May 6th, 2016. The person who makes the largest donation get 1st choice of the available prizes in the raffle. Then progressing down the list of participants until everyone receives a prize or until all prizes are awarded (for the last several years I've had enough prizes to go around, but no guarantees).

Its simple:

Step 1 * Visit my dedicated fundraising homepage to donate and be entered into the raffle


Step 2 * Please use an email address you actually check when making you donation (this is how I contact you when it is your turn to select a prize in the raffle).

Step 3 * Contact me via PM, email, or leave a comment on my March of Dimes page with your shipping address and t-shirt size.

That's it, then just wait to be contacted when it is your turn to select a prize from the raffle. Thanks in advance to all the prize sponsors this year and to everyone who participates. This event gets bigger every year (which is more work for me) but all of the support for the March of Dimes is worth it!


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ArcadePlastics.com has donated two $25 store credit vouchers


They offer all kinds of Arcade Decor items as well as the impressive Any Coin Mech, which is a direct replacement for existing arcade coin mechs such as those made by HAPPS, Coinco, Imonex, etc. The Any Coin Mech will credit you machine with any size coin or token that passes through the mech. A truly inspired alternative to FreePlay.


Visit https://www.arcadeplastics.com/ to place a built to order item today!

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Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade has donated three Prize Bundles featuring:

$20 Ground Kontrol gift certificate
Ground Kontrol "Rebel Ships", a full-size t-shirt compressed in a NES cartridge-style package (shirt pictured is a different design)
Ground Kontrol Beanie
Ground Kontrol can cozy
Ground Kontrol pin pack


If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, make the trip to Ground Kontrol


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OneCircuit.com has donated two CoinUp Devices.

The CoinUp device provides virtual freeplay support for almost ANY arcade game!
The device monitors both the P1 and P2 start buttons. If the P1 button is pressed, it will coin up the game with enough credits for a single player game and pulse the P1 start signal to the game PCB. If P2 start is pressed, it will coin up enough credits for a 2-player game and pulse the P2 start signal to the game.

Unlike the previous CoinUp versions, this version requires NO CUTTING of the wire harness.


Visit http://www.onecircuit.com/ to check out Adam's other products and services.

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Stern Pinball has donated some translites, pinball flyers, and a grab bag of plastics and decals. These will be given away in 3 prize packs, each containing 1 Game of Thrones translight, numerous misc. pinball flyers, and a bunch of misc. plastics & decals.


Visit Stern's site to check out what's in production and for parts & service http://www.sternpinball.com/

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ArcadeFixit.com and ArcadeThings.com have donated a cool collection of Space Invaders goodies

Check out ArcadeFixit.com for tons of NOS parts to complete your repairs and restorations. And check out ArcadeThings.com for a great selection of contemporary arcade collectibles.

ArcadeFixit.com Coin-op Amusement Parts
722-B E. Oak St
Santa Maria, CA 93454


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ArcadeAdventures.com has donated a $100 Gift Certificate to the raffle.

ArcadeAdventures.com features lots of parts and complete games for sale. In addition, they offer $6 shipping everyday, and help bring quality reproduction parts to market (like the Berzerk Bat Stick)
Visit http://www.arcadeadventures.com/ to place an order or support a reproduction project today!

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Busy week last week, sorry I missed the prize updates. Here are some new items added to the prize pool . . .

Easy CoinUp has donated two sets of 5 Easy CoinUp devices. Install these bad boys on your arcade machine or pinball tables for a slick way to coin up! Easy CoinUp eliminates the confusion of a nondescript switch. It's a pushbutton switch that's also visually a quarter. It's obvious what it does! It adds a quarter to the game! And it's very simple to install, with no permanent damage to the game.

Order yours today at http://www.easycoinup.com/

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Retro Arcades Live was donate a Tornado Spinner to the raffle. The Tornado Spinner is the world’s first ultra smooth gaming spinner. Totally custom made, the tornado spinner is primarily used for arcade games like Tempest and can even be used as a steering wheel for driving games. It has an extremely smooth and effortless spin that is perfect for emulation and PC gaming.


Visit http://www.retroarcadeslive.com/index.asp to order the Tornado Spinner or to check out the rest of the products and services that Retro Arcades Live offers.

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Hobby ROMS has offered programming service for up to 5 EPROM chips, 4 Meg in size. Steph's specialty is in programming EPROMs and Bi-Polar PROMS for most pinball and video games for the home collector market. All kinds of free play/high score ROMs and even custom programming are available.

Visit http://hobbyroms.com/ for a complete list of the programming options and to place an order!

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KAHR.US Circuits has pledged a WPC Power Fix Pro Daughterboard to the raffle. The Pro daughterboard implements the same reset-preventing solution as the classic daughterboard but also includes additional circuitry to monitor your Power Driver Board. The 2016 edition monitors the driver board's 5v and 12v supplies! Simply inspect the LEDs to quickly determine PDB power supply functionality.


Check out http://kahr.us/ to order the WPC Power Fix boards, or to check out the other products they have developed and reproduced.

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Prize Bump!

Galloping Ghost Arcade donated six day passes to the prize pool! The GALLOPING GHOST ARCADE is the LARGEST video arcade in the USA, and currently have over 440+ games to play. All of our games are set to FREE PLAY! They are open until 2AM daily (EVERYDAY including all holidays)!


Visit http://www.gallopingghostarcade.com/ for directions and information about special events.

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The California Extreme team has generously donated a weekend pass to the 2016 show!
July 16-17, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA hundreds and hundreds of video game and pinball machines will be set to freeplay for visitors to enjoy. This is the 20th year of the show, and no doubt it will be something special.


To volunteer some time at the show, or commit to bringing a game or two visit http://www.caextreme.org/ for all the details.

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10 BitWrenches have been added to the raffle prize pool!
BitWrench makes arcade control panel assembly quick and painless! No more tightening button fasteners with ChanneLocks or clunky pliers. Easy to access both commonly used 1 1/8" plastic nuts and 15/16" Palnuts, even with switches and wiring still in place. Laser cut from 6061-T6 aluminum which compliments any DIY's toolbox.
• No more using wrong-sized pliers or ChanneLocks to secure buttons!
• Compatible with both 1 1/8" button nuts & 15/16" Palnuts
• 15 degree design allows for precise positioning for hard to reach places
• Easy access to plastic fasteners/palnuts without removing delicate leaf or microbutton switches
• 6061-T6 laser cut aluminum & tumbled for a clean, matte finish
• Made in USA

To order yours follow this link http://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?p=3156612
or email arcadetools@gmail.com

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