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2016 March of Dimes Arcade/Pinball prize raffle


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KLOV member Wish donated a Epiphone PR-350 acoustic guitar and an Arcade Classics control panel

The PR-350 is a 12 string guitar complete with gig case. Here are the specs:

Assembled 1991-2003 Square shoulder dreadnought body style Body:Laminated spruce top
Mahogany back and sides Epi-X 12-string bracing Neck:Set mahogany neck with SlimTaper profile Rosewood fingerboard pearl slotted-diamond inlays Black clipped-ear style headstock with pearl crown inlay on headstock 25.5″ scale 1.875″ nut width Binding: Multi-ply body binding Electronics: Epiphone-V Epiphonic pickup System (PR-350-12-E) Hardware: Chrome hardware Rosewood bridge with black bridge pins Single-ply tortoise pickguard Deluxe die-cast tuners Colors: Natural

The Arcade Classics control panel is unpopulated and ready for your build project. Holes drilled for 1 joystick, 3 action buttons, 1 trac ball, and player 1& 2 start.


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The original key chain man Olde Tyme Toys has donated 2 sets of key chains to the prize pool!

a set of 10 arcade key chains
a set of 10 pinball key chains
**titles will differ from image**


He is not currently taking orders, and there is a wait list a mile long but the key chains are worth it! Extra care is taken to ensure you get the images you want. http://www.arcadekeychains.com/

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Jrok has graciously offered up a Berzerk/Frenzy all in one PCB!


The board plays the two versions of Berzerk (slow & fast bullet) and Frenzy. It's designed as a single board replacement for the 5 boards that make up the Berzerk boardset, and with the correct adapter it plugs into the original wiring harness. Alternately it can be used to restore converted cabs back into Berzerk!


Visit Jrok's site to keep tabs on his exciting arcade projects here: http://www.jrok.com/

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Author and super Arcade Collector Van Burnham has donated a signed personalized copy of her book Supercade!


Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984 is "exuberantly written and illustrated in full color, Supercade pays tribute to the technology, games, and visionaries of one of the most influential periods in the history of computer science—one that profoundly shaped the modern technological landscape and helped change the way people view entertainment."


Order your own copy of Supercade here: http://www.amazon.com/Supercade-Visual-History-Videogame-1971-1984/dp/0262024926/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461168240&sr=8-1&keywords=supercade+book

And keep up with Van's collection here: https://www.facebook.com/supercade

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Game Room Champ has pitched in a deluxe "Man Law" BBQ tool set, and a Washers game.


This Man Law BBQ tool set is a must-have for every grill master. With all the utensils you need to prepare nearly any food on the grill, this set is sure to come in handy every time you cook outdoors. You'll love the quality, durability and convenience of this Man Law BBQ tool set.
•5-pc. set includes: extra-long handle tongs, meat fork, knife, silicone basting brush & spatula with serrated edge
•Hand wash
•Manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty

Mel's Outrageous Washers Game is A unique spin off the classic washer game, fantastic for rainy days use with our safe-for-indoor use balls, and the conventional powder coated washers for outdoor use. Each game includes: - 1 pkg. of 8 Powder Coated Washers(4 Blue/Red) - 1 pkg. of 8 Indoor Balls (4 Blue/Red) - 2 Targets

Check out Game Room Champ at http://www.gameroomchamp.com/ They are distributors of newly produced pinball machine and stock a wide variety retro pinball and arcade machines as well.

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High Score Saves has donated a DK Remix w/ Deranged DK kit to the prize pool!


Donkey Kong Remix kit for the classic Donkey Kong arcade game! Features includes option to save up to 5 top scores in all DK games, has optional free play mode, the ability for each DK game to have unique dip switch settings, ability to select boot up game and switch between games while running, uses your on-board ROMs to play Donkey Kong or Remix with 6 new levels, compatible with both U.S. and Japanese Donkey Kong releases, does not use modified DK ROMs to add high score save and free play mode, Compatibility with Braze's D2K kit.

Donkey Kong Remix features -
•6 new stages, the 4 original stages plus 3 bonus stages
•Many of the stages have several variations during the progression of the game
•Ability to jump with blue hammers
•Falling girders on the new rivets stages that can squash Firefoxes below
•Reversable elevators in the 3rd rivets stage
•New spring mechanic to send barrels back to the top in the new "funnel" barrel stage
•A new bouncier barrel type starts appearing past level 4
•A new kill-screen that really goes all out to make an exciting finish
•Ability to earn additional extra Jumpmen every 150,000, 250,000 or 350,000 points
•Optional hard mode for extra challenge

Donkey Kong Deranged features -
•Internal difficulty goes beyond level 5
•New wild barrel types
•Up to 8 fireballs/firefoxes at once at later levels
•Fireballs, conveyors, elevators can reach faster speeds
•Spawn rates and barrel release rates go to higher levels than original DK
•New kill screen that goes all out to make an exciting finish


Visit High Score Save on the web at http://www.highscoresaves.com/. They have a great selection of kits, boards, art, and other arcade goodness.

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Quarter Arcade has donated some great CPO's


Ms. Pac Man (2 count)

Carnival (1 count)

Neo Geo MVS (2 count)

Assault (1 count)

Nintendo Vs (1 count)

Quarter Arcade is a long-time supporter of the March of Dimes! They sell an array of original arcade and reproduction parts for game restorations and repairs. Quarter Arcade stocks over 2,500 parts for arcade video games from the late 70s through the "classic" era of video arcade games to more recent "neo-classics" of the 90s. Their inventory system is completely real-time and updated almost every day, if you see something for sale on the website, they have it.

Visit them today at https://quarterarcade.com/

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5 days left to get your donations in and be entered in the raffle. Thanks to recent donations I'm up over $4,300 now, so keep those donations coming in!

The prize pool is valued over $5,000 this year so step up and support a good cause and win some great arcade/pinball prizes in the process.

Donate here:


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