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Did Apocalypse by Virgin ever come out for the ST


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I don't think it did.


Mick West explained something about it's troubled development on Amiga, when i interviewed him a while back:


"Apocalypse was done very rapidly in about nine months. We were basically

rescuing a game Activision had pumped millions into already, so we just

needed to do a fun game quickly, so there was little time for fine tuning."





So i'd wager if there was no ST version released, it was perhaps because Activision were unwilling to invest any more cash into coding an ST version for a later release, espically given the rapid decline of the ST market in the UK at this point.


My memory is hazy, but didn't the game begin in development under the 'Strangeways' team of coders, before being passed onto another team?.


Strangeways also working on 'Bodycount' but team split?

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The history of the game appears to be:


Original coding starts by Strangeways, due to be published by Mirrorsoft, Mirrorsoft go under, Strangeways team themselves split, game remains in limbo for a period of years...and is at stage where gameplay is pretty much done, 4 levels designed, graphics pretty much finished, but scrolling needing a lot of extra work being done.


Project picked up by Virgin, given to Miracle games to finish off.Project Manager, Mike Merren who had overseen the project at Mirrorsoft, moves with it to Virgin games.


So he'd be the best person to ask i guess, if anyones on Facebook etc?.

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