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Daisy-chaining the SIO2SD


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Is it possible for the SIO2SD to sit mid way in a daisy-chain of devices? Obviously one would need to modify it somewhat as mine has just one screw-down header on the main circuit board. I also only have the bare version so do not know if Lotharek's cased units come with two SIO sockets or just one. Presumably it would not be as simple as just wiring a socket in parallel to the connector?


A second, unrelated (except in the general sense of modding the bare device) question; the SIO2SD website mentions that the hardware can support a wider display with I think 40 characters. Can anyone point out a part number or eBay auction for a compliant LCD unit?

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It really doesn't matter where each device is connected in the chain. Obviously, some devices have no pass through connector and must be located at the end of the chain. This is only a matter of where you physically have an open socket.


There are multi-port SIO connector boxes, and you can build your own. Simply connect all SIO pins together on a few SIO sockets. Any SIO device (using a 1050 as an example), that has two connectors has them wired together. No active components required.


Without going into too much (probably boring to most) detail, SIO has a command line, unlike its direct descendant USB, which allows everything to be connected together without the need for a hub or similar device. For more info, ask Joe Decuir and look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_SIO

and here: http://spiflash.org/atari/siospecs.pdf

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I would quite like to have it and an SIO2PC-USB connected, using the latter with the 'SIO2BSD' application on a Debian machine to provide an R/W 'harddrive' folder via the 'PCLink' software. Or at least I can see that as a useful combination if one is running the A8 without mods like Ultimate1MB and SIDE2.

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