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A trip to the game store again. I found a great looking copy of Vindicators for the NES. I found a few NES games I wouldn't mind getting rid of, so I posted a post in the Marketplace. And apparently, they made tons of games for the DS I never knew existed. Picked one up today called "NEVES," which is SEVEN backwards. Which is important because it's one of those games where you have blocks to fit into different shapes. Apparently all the shapes in this game require seven blocks. I haven't played it yet, I just got home. I also got an N64 game to review for Nintendo Stuff. Which means I'll have to plug the N64 in and play it. My lower left hand/wrist is hurting again. It stopped for a long time, but came back again. I'm going to find and watch Manos again later. The non-MST3K version. I'm brave. Haven't watched what they deleted from the MST3K version yet, so that will be interesting. Neves is DS game #192. I guess I reneged a bit on my goal to get 200. Now I'm focusing on the Game Gear. Ordered game #92 online.

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