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Small 5200 haul!


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Hey everyone! Been a bit absorbed in my 5200 lately. Figured I'd share with you guys my latest haul from eBay of 5200 goodies! First off I got my hands on the Rev 9 circuit board with the gold contacts for my controller. It works sooooooooooo good! As for the other goodies I rounded up Joust, Q*Bert, Mario Bros., Dig Dug, and The Dreadnaught Factor! Man those games are the bomb!!! Well except Q*Bert haha that handles poor. Its nice to see the light of day though now that the 5200 has let me go. Its such an awesome console especially when the controller is fully functional! Also quick question for you all! What other hidden gems are tucked away on this beast? I intend to nab up a 2nd refurbished controller and Space Dungeon and Robotron 2084 but I wonder what other games might have slipped by my notice.

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Some great games are Pengo, Tempest, Sinistar, Miner 2049ner, Baseball, Soccer, Blaster, Bezerk, Castle Crisis, Defender, Super Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man Pac-man Arcade, Pole Position, Ball Blazer, Rescue on Fractulus, Star Raiders, Xari Arena, Vangard.


It's easier to name the stinkers. The majority of the games on the 5200 are great. Plus there are all the new conversions. Really consider getting a Atarimax SD Multicart.







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I'm glad to hear the majority of the library is awesome!! Luckily Missile Command and Centipede came with my 5200 so I only need to secure a Trak-Ball controller! I really look forward to some of the twin stick shooter games like Space Dungeon or Robotron 2084! Oh also need Tempest like really really bad haha! :)

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I have Space Dungeon and Robotron. Love 'em both. I also have the joystick coupler and that makes a big difference.


Recently purchased Tempest. Haven't had a chance to play it as much as I'd like to due to work, but its really cool, especially with a trak-ball.

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