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had a little idea for level 3. I put in an extra life icon in and it's at a hard, but hopefully not impossible, place to get. I've decided though, that this isn't snow since the hill would be broken up. So what is it? What else is white besides snow? Clouds. Level 3 is a cloud world. I have some more work to do before you get to play level 3, though. And I'm not going to work on this for the rest of today (need a little break.) I also need to change what were penguins to airplanes. I've decided that airplanes can fly among the clouds (and mr. celery.) I still want someone to do some asm code and put in a neat title screen when I'm finished with the project. I don't know when that will be though. I do know it's going to be 32k. I can't test 64k ROMs on my Harmony cart and I want to know what it looks like on real hardware before I call it finished. So anyway, I have been working too hard on this. Time to slow things down a bit. Here's a preview screenshot of level 3.

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