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When you get so close, make it so far, and then lose


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So I've been trying to 1cc "Ninja Gaiden" sword-only, no ninpo, no other items. I've been getting real close to doing it. I've worked out sword-only strategies for all of the toughest parts. My last run, I made it all the way to the demon statue on my last life and then died. I could have just smashed the controller right then. So frustrating.




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Okay, this time I did it. 1cc of "Ninja Gaiden" with the sword only and no 1ups, extra health or clock-stopping. But once you figure out methods for getting through areas with the sword, it's not that bad.

Didn't do a no death run? Weak.




Just kidding, congratulations. I have only ever beat it by killing Jaquio one form at a time.

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