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Intellivision brotherhood secret society government

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This is election year . So maybe it's time to have a our own intv brotherhood election to form a intellivision brotherhood government for fun . Every year we can choose and elect our wonderful brotherhood officials , to be leaders and protect the intellivision world .

We can nominate and elect officials for 1 year term to serve the intellivision community well .


So the categories in office , are the following .


President , the leader of the intv free world . In charge of order of the brotherhood


Vice President , under the president for back up help


Governor , in charge of the state of the brotherhood


Mayor , in charge of the local brotherhood


Secretary of State , handles intv affairs


Treasury ? handles the brotherhood treasury for emergency and stuff


Spy, gathers info from other communities and shares with the brother hood


Secretary of defense . Protection of the intellivision and the community.

Minuteman , guards intv brotherhood and intv secrets .


To nominate urself or someone . U must be part of the brotherhood and the love ?for the intellivision . For and example

Atari 5200dude82 for minuteman .

List their name and office u want to nominate in them too. When enough people are nominated in all the offices. Then they will be a voting election to put them in office . Good luck . Happy nominations . Viva le intellivision


Only Al owner of atariage, can vote without being in the brotherhood ?


Pick ur nominees ????? have fun

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I would like to be 'Assistant to the Vice Undersecretary of the Department for Foreign Relations.'


The goal of the department as a whole is basically converting Coleco and 2600 guys to join the Brotherhood. As assistant to the vice undersecretary, I will ensure there are always doughnuts at the meetings.

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If JasonlikesINTV is Secretary of Commerce he will be impeached.


CMART needs to be Chairman of the Congressional Budget Office, to explain our debt.


I'd like to be the Attorney General. I would be good at prosecuting all of your criminal behavior! Both in the forum and on eBay. I'll be data mining you activities and would be willing to seize your assets for misbehavior. I of course would nee access to be able to remove your posts or comment with impunity!


Hail Caesar!

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