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File Management Specification for the TI-99/4 Home Computer


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A couple of notes on the 99/8 Stuff: The DRAM Controller was known as POLLO; SKUNK is almost always referred to as MOFETTA (skunk in Spanish); the main gate array is called AMIGO; and HOMBRE is actually the gate array used in the LCP version of the 99/4 family (I mistakenly put it into the 99/8 directory when I uploaded it and never got back in there to move it to the right place).

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Yes, I already wondered about Hombre.


Right now I'm rewriting the TI-99/8 emulation in MESS in terms of providing implementations of Mofetta, Amigo, Vaquerro, and Oso taken from the logic diagrams. It's interesting to see what they did in Vaquerro to enforce GROM access pauses, actually.


BTW, there are some funny comments in the documents about the naming of the chips. However, they did not notice that they misspelled some of them:


- Vaquero = Cowboy (not Vaquerro)

- Mofeta = Skunk (not Mofetta)


To show some consistency, they should have named the Hexbus controller "Osso" (Oso = Bear).

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I haven't got the logic diagram for the AMIGO, but the document "The Memory Mapper and You", gives a full functional description of it, to include the equations for the combinational logic and the complete pin out.


And I didn't think you'd have every document out there yet, Klaus. I've been collecting them for 30 years and I still keep finding new ones every once in a while. . .and I do try to make sure I put them up on WHT when I do find them, as a lot of these are unbelievably hard to find otherwise :)

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Now there is an Index at the top of the list.

I value very much any preservation effort you and others did.

The page links to the pdfs on Whtech, 99er.net and your local Cyc DVD if you have that one available. It's my goal to get this to the most complete list of all documents relevant to the TI-99. It's not like that everything will be linked or available, but at least such unavailable documents shall be listed so its clear what can still be discovered/scanned.

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