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New 4MB RAM expansion


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New 4MB RAM upgrade is appeared.
1. W65C816 CPU (standard 1.77/1.79 MHz clock)
2. 4MB configurable RAM
3. 512kB Flash ROM for 8 sets of OS+BASIC
4. 7-bit non-volatile configuration register

5. No soldering if MB socketed.
Possible RAM configurations is provided in attached document.
Should be available within 1 month, when will functional tests be complete.
Supposed price: US$60

Is somebody interested?





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Is that plug n play? And what software would make use of it?


The only software needed is for configuration change and for FLASH programming. It will be provided.


While looking at the bank switch table I'd say it's safe to assume that is requires 64KB base memory.


No. It doesn't require any RAM at all.


Does it fin in a 400?


Unfortunately, don't.


Is it flashable via software or do we need an EPROM programmer?


It is flashable.

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