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New 4MB RAM expansion


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The 65816 + linear ram should prove quite useful (longer term).



From the rtf file it looks like there is only one 4MB linear RAM mode, but several 3MB linear modes with ANTIC access to RAM.

I'm assuming in means the ANTIC has access to 1MB as paged and the CPU has access to the other 3MB.


If I could pick up a 600XL to go with it at a decent price I'd get one.

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New 4MB RAM upgrade is appeared.


1. W65C816 CPU (standard 1.77/1.79 MHz clock)

2. 4MB configurable RAM

3. 512kB Flash ROM for 8 sets of OS+BASIC

4. 7-bit non-volatile configuration register

5. No soldering if MB socketed.



In case people missed it, there is no soldering if the motherboard is socketed.

You might want to check which machines that applies to.

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Sorry for the lack of message. As Lemiel said, device is still in testing. Also new version of the PCB for 600/800XL machines (to little space under keyboard) is being prepared. I have much of work with this and no time for activity on the forum.

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would it be an idea to maybe tell people how many are going to be made in the initial production run?

and also maybe close the list once the "interested parties" reach that number?


there could be many disappointed, otherwise?

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