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Sears H-Sixer odd problems


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So I'm refurbishing a Sears H-Sixer from '77 as it doesn't have the channel switch on it.


It plays most games without issue. But there are a few that behave very strangely. As an example..


Halo2600 - When I press the fire button to start the game, I see master chief on the first screen, but then I hear three death sounds in succession and then kicked back to the title screen as if I just lost the game. So basically I start the game and, die instantly three times in a row without even touching the controller and back to title screen.


Stay Frosty 2 Demo - Works otherwise, but I'm unable to do a moving jump. In other words on the first screen I move right and then press jump to clear the chasm. But as soon as I press the fire button Frosty just stops dead and jumps straight up. So I'm unable to jump diagonally in the game at all.


Adventure - good ole adventure looks and seems to come up fine. But when I press reset and start a new game, I'm unable to move our square hero at all. I see the yellow castle, the key, and my square adventurer under the yellow castle locked gate. But when I move the controller it just moves around as if he is locked behind the gate though he clearly isn't?


These are just some examples of strange things I've found. Here is what I had to do to get this thing up and running:


remove and re soldered the 7805 voltage regulator. Replaced the game select switch as the spring was missing from the old original one. repaired cold solder joints on the RF modulator and player 1 joystick port.


Anyone ever seen anything like this or heard of anything like this before? When I get home later, I'm going to take the aluminium coffin apart and try replacing the RIOT from another H-sixer parts machine to see if makes a difference.


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Got this issue resolved thought I'm not sure which part I replaced really fixed it.


I found out that when you first turn it on, everything works great. Then about 10 or so min in the controls start acting wacky again. Ended up changing out both the 6502 and TIA chips on it. It was likely the 6502 itself, but since this H-6 has the original grey AMI TIA on it, I thought it best to get rid of it. I also noticed the colors were shifting on it pretty badly while it was on. That all cleared up when I changed them out.

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My first thought when you mentioned colors shifting while the unit is on would normally be the voltage regulator failing, which was what started happening a couple months back with my daily driver 4-Switch Woody. Replaced that and the chicklet cap and voila, no more problems.


Anyway, glad you got things sorted! It may be sacrilege, but I think the Tele-Games Heavy is the classiest looking VCS model ever made. I'd love to find one someday myself.

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Most often, the solder joints on the regulator fail first. Little by little, I've been converting over to the later switchboard style and using the parts to help others here. The grey TIA in mine was getting so baked that the legs were turning a shade of purple.

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