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Tron Deadly Discs Hack


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A hack I did of Tron Deadly Discs. The disc will kill throwing and returning. In the original game the disc only kills when you throw it.


Sounds cool - I'll check it out. Although sometimes you don't want the discs to be "deadlier", like when you want to still keep at least one enemy on the screen to avoid the recognizer filling up your open doors. Late in the game is a bad time to have accidental de-rezzes...

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Doesn't seem to work for me?

I tried via nostalgia, and It took a little effort to get a disc to pass through an enemy, only throwing the disc in 1 direction LOL


Do you have to recall the disc to be deadly? or is it always deadly on the return?


Maybe an emulator issue? Could and most likely is a USER issue!

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Is TRON finally the right color? :)


As I'm sure you've already discovered Tron subbornly remains on the side of the MCP. I was starting look to change this when I noticed a couple of other interesting things with the hack.

  • You can now play Tron Pacifist Discs as the opponents are killed by the returning discs of their team mates as well as yours. However, opponents are not injured by teammates outward throws. My current record is 250 points without blocking or throwing a disc. OK, you could be a pacifist before by blocking continuously, perhaps this is more Tron Passive Aggressive Discs.
  • You tend to take multiple hits from one disc because of inertia and the way in which it passes over you twice. Most distance shots are pretty much insta-death for poor old Tron. Tron Deadliest Discs?
  • If you block an opponents disc, your disc vanishes too. If you wait a little it suddenly turns up again in your hands. Or if you try to throw nothing you get the zzzp sound and it will swoop in from the edge of the arena, just as the opponents' discs do. In both cases it will have switched sides, Tron Confused Discs:


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At first reading, when you said it kills when returning, too, i thought….


…well… how do you catch the thing, then? :P


Well, it does kill on return in the 1982 film. Based on the movie, I'm guessing that:

1) You can't be killed by your own identity disc


2) You can program it before you throw it

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Is TRON finally the right color? :)

Ask and ye shall receive.


See the threads More ROM Hacking and Vectron - No More Enemies for more information about how to either put these into your .cfg file or to start jzintv with a debug script.



p 50f9 55 ; Tron is now light blue instead of red

p 5109 81 ; Your disc is now blue instead of yellow

p 5c2a 54 ; Warriors are now pink instead of light blue

p 5db4 83 ; Enemy discs are now tan instead of blue



The Recognizer is not affected by this, nor the Black Beam or Paralyzer Probe. But the other disc and enemy types' colors are offest from the original. That means the Leaders are now black, Bulldogs are now light green, Guards are now cyan, Double-Damage Discs are now light blue, and Homing Discs are now cyan.


I can keep poking around to change the offsets, but this is a start.

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More fun with Tron Deadly Discs ROM hacking today.  I haven't been successful in becoming invincible yet, though I'm still working on it.  Searching the ROM for "GAME OVER" was the easy part.  (I changed the text to "DEREZZED!")  Earlier, I posted on my website an additional hack that would make the Recognizer easy to hit: the eye is much larger and the shield around the eye is gone.


Today, I played around with the score.  It's saved in two consecutive 16-bit memory locations, and there's a padded 0 at the end of your score, allowing for the score to go up into the 9-figure range.  (Standard EXEC score display routines only allow for up to 4 digits per value.)  One memory location holds your hundreds of thousands of points, and the other location holds the digits below that, barring the padded zero.


By shifting five words of code, I captured the value 16 ($10) at startup and saved it to the "hundreds of thousands" location, which is enough to make the Guards appear at start.  I also tweaked the first point-value tier to make it 10,000 instead of 50, and bounce you to the highest tier every time you score, where the point value is already 10,000.  Then for a little extra fun, I can reverse the two score values when writing back to memory, giving you over 100 million points in a hurry.

Tron Deadly Discs Hack Colors.gif

Tron Deadly Discs Hack Recognizer.gif

Tron Deadly Discs Hack Score.gif

Tron Deadly Discs Hack Endgame.gif

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